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    >>> now to jerry sandusky who is on suicide watch this morning, according to one of his lawyers. his attorneys are also saying they offered to resign before the case because they weren't allowed enough time to prepare for trial. even though sandusky will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars , the sordid case is far from over. we get more from michael isikoff .

    >> reporter: no sooner was jerry sandusky convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse and led from the court in handcuffs than pennsylvania's top law enforcement official made clear there may be more charges against others to come.

    >> we can help the voices of victims be heard.

    >> reporter: attorney general linda kelly oversaw the three-year investigation that uncovered sandusky 's abuse of young children.

    >> are you determined to get the full truth and continue this investigation?

    >> this investigation continues. i think that anyone that's associated with this case can tell you that we've been developing information even after the grand jury presentment.

    >> reporter: there are now at least three major investigations into the sandusky scandal. by kelly 's office, by the u.s. justice department and by former fbi director , louis freeh hired by penn state itself. they are focused on what penn state officials knew about sandusky 's conduct, tim curley and gary schultz have already been charged with perjury relating to what they knew about the now famous 2001 shower incident involving sandusky and a young boy reported to them by former graduate assistant mike mcqueary . sources tell nbc news that kelly 's office is closely reviewing e-mails showing that former penn state president graham spanier also had knowledge of that incident and agreed that it would be humane to sandusky not to report the mcqueary allegation to local authorities. curley, schultz and spanier all deny any wrongdoing. a lawyer for one of sandusky 's victims says the inaction of penn state officials makes the school a prime target for civil suits.

    >> if those in power at penn state had taken action in the early 2000s and stopped at nothing to see that justice was served on jerry sandusky , then my client would not have been molested in 2007 and 2008 .

    >> reporter: for "today," michael isikoff , nbc news, state college pennsylvania.

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