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PoliticsNation, Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Guests: Carolyn Maloney; Bob Shrum; Peter Goodman, Daylin Leach, Michael Waldman, Danny Davis

REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: Welcome to "Politics Nation." I`m Al

Tonight`s lead, an all-out offensive against the outsourced candidate
at a campaign event in Atlanta short time ago, the president slammed
Willard Mitt Romney`s economics.


who is a pioneer in offshore or outsourcing. We need a president in the
White House who is going to every single day be fighting on bring jobs back
to the United States. Do some in-sourcing. We rise and fall as one
people. As one nation.


OBAMA: that`s my vision for America. That`s what I have been
fighting for the last 3 1/2 years. That`s why I am running for a second
term as president of the United States of America.

CROWD: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!


SHARPTON: President Obama is looking for a second term. He`s fighting
important an America where all can succeed. Not just those at the very
top. That`s why he`s running. But why is Romney running?


about, getting America to work again for the benefit of the American people
in the world.



SHARPTON: Romney says he`s running to put Americans back to work.
That`s not how the vice president saw it today.


Romney credit. He`s a job creator in Singapore, China, India. He has been
very good at creating jobs overseas.



SHARPTON: Over the past two decades, American companies have
dramatically expanded overseas, while shrinking work forces at home.
Spending more than $18 billion in information technology work abroad as
well as $11 billion in business process services. Governor Romney is by no
means, responsible for all of that. But Bain profited off of that business
model. Strangely, Romney is now arguing that he stopped jobs from being


ROMNEY: We will not let China continue to steal jobs with the United
States of America.

Chinese are smiling all the way to the bank, taking our currency and
jobs and a lot of our future. And I`m not willing to let that happen.


SHARPTON: OK. So his argument is I`m going to put an end to the
practice that I`m proud to have made money doing. That level of disconnect
extends far beyond his brief and shipping American jobs, as the vice
president pointed out today.


BIDEN: He said the president`s out of touch when the president
encouraged young people to try to get manufacturing jobs. He said out of
touch. Out of touch. A prospect of a president with a Swiss bank account?
And a retirement investment in the Cayman Islands? You can decide. Did
you ever think that you would be choosing between two people running for
president and one of whom in a Swiss bank account? Whoa. Out of touch.


SHARPTON: Joining me now is Bob Shrum, a Democratic strategist, who
ran Ted Kennedy`s race against Mitt Romney in 1994. And Peter Goodman,
business editor for the "Huffington Post." He`s written a cover story in
the premiere issue of "Huffington Post" magazine about Obama`s relationship
with young voters.

Thank you both for being here this evening.



SHARPTON: Bob, let me start with you. Clearly the Obama campaign is
going on the offensive again -- to the Bain`s capital ties to outsourcing.
Is that Biden appeal effective?

SHRUM: I think it is tremendous will you effective. And I think it
is going to hurt Romney very badly.

You know, the establishment in the excel a quarter (ph) kind a look
down on the Obama campaign, criticized it when it started doing this. And
I think what they are doing is they are weaving a narrative ark here that
says the guy destroyed jobs, made money in business. The guy outsourced
jobs, made money in business, 47th in job creation as governor in
Massachusetts. And this narrative ark is going to continue all the way
through Medicare. His proposal is on taxes and the Republicans blocking
jobs bills in congress.

I can tell you having looked a lot of polling and a lot of campaigns,
out shoring and offshoring argument is really a killer.

SHARPTON: How`s this going to play in Pennsylvania, in the swing
states, Ohio? How is it going to play in those states, Bob?

SHRUM: It is going to be most powerful in those states. And in Ohio,
in Pennsylvania, and in Michigan, in Iowa, in Wisconsin. That argument is
going to have real potency and it is going to be one of the many building
blocks. And you heard the president actually put it very clearly in that
excerpt you played. Fundamental choice he is putting before the country
which is who is going to fight important the many, who is going stand up
for the many? And who only cares about the few?

SHARPTON: Peter, when you look at the polling of swing states, it
seems that this is being effective. Sixty four percent of Democrats
believe private equity hurts voters, 48 percent of independents believe
that as well, as do 47 percent of all swing state voters.

Now compare that to just 38 percent of swing state voters who believe
in private equity and the fact that it helping - it does help the economy.
I think this is an effective argument.

GOODMAN: Yes. I think it sticks to Romney in part because he
scenically played the China card and this is just not him. This is a guy
that`s about money moving around the globe, finding most profitable term
for his share holders and sudden sly he is a populist who just stop jobs
from going to China. He is acting like I`m a business guy. And as a
business guy, and how to make payroll and hire people. I create jobs. He
is not really a business guy. He is really more of an investment banker.

He is a guy that is taking over companies that other people build and
then, he has moved them around, he had figured out how to shift operations
overseas in some cases, shift them to vendors outside of the door in the
United States in other cases. He has provided return to his shareholders
and has been very successful.

SHARPTON: That`s really what you do as a CEO of something like that
Bain Capital.

GOODMAN: That`s his job.

SHARPTON: And outsourcing may be good for business but it is not good
for government or politics.

GOODMAN: Well, that`s right. I mean, he is essentially saying I was
really good at this job, the job of returning profit to shareholders doing
whatever need to be done. Therefore, I will be good at taking over the

You know, that`s a tough argument. I mean, we know, first of all,
what the policies of unregulated big business and particularly for finance
produced over the last couple of decades. And there is an awful lot of
people still licking their wounds, still not working or not working enough
to pay their bills.

But this is somebody who, you know, his all of his achievements amount
to I did well for narrow group of people. I.e., wealthy people who gave me
their money to invest so I could make profits. And it is very difficult to
go from there to I can run a big economy for the benefit of working
Americans as well as investors.

SHARPTON: Now, let me ask this. When Romney also continues to slam
government spending, take a look at this.


ROMNEY: He want (INAUDIBLE) unless he wants to hire more government
workers. He says we need firemen, more policemen, more teachers. It is
time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.

And my policies reduce the rate of spending.


SHARPTON: Now, Peter and Bob, I want both of your reactions to that.
Because "the Washington Post" reports that even his own supporters take
issue with that. About his taking on spending as an example, host of his
event today, "the Washington Post" writes this. Quote, "today Mitt Romney
campaigned in Virginia at a company called Carter Machinery. The company`s
CEO favors heavy government spending on infrastructure which he sees as a
valid means of creating jobs. Favors paying for such spending with a gas
tax, sees the federal stimulus spending in this area as a plus. And favors
government investment in the alternative energy." This is house host

GOODMAN: You know, you listen to Mitt Romney talk and it is almost
like you can`t believe he wants to be president because he is so incredibly
hostile over the concept of government power, of government investment.
And this guy wants to be the CEO of America Inc. And that doesn`t exist.

And moreover, I mean, doesn`t banking do better if the economy is
growing? Doesn`t Goldman Sachs do more deals for building infrastructure?
That`s just common sense.


SHRUM: Two things on this. First of all, that first clip, I mean,
I`m sure everybody in Boston, his headquarters just bang their head on the
desk when he said policemen, firemen, you know, don`t want that. That was
the last thing in the world he wanted to say.

Secondly, he is promoting a form of economic ignorance, of austerity
economics which holds somehow or another, the answer to the lack of demand
in the economy is to have less demand in the economy. That`s what is
happening in Europe, that`s what is happening in Britain which was coming
out of recession in much better shape than we were in May of 2010 when a
conservative government came in and slashed the budget and now they are
back in recession.

SHARPTON: Now, President Obama slammed Romney for favoring an economy
where the rich simply get richer. Listen.


OBAMA: And on this tax code, as I said, I do not think that a
$250,000 tax break for me or Mr. Romney -- he gets a little more, he has
got more.


OBAMA: He has more than I do. I don`t think that`s more important
than us hiring outstanding teachers. Middle class people all across the
country would end up seeing higher taxes to pay for tax cuts for Mr. Romney
and me. It isn`t right.


SHARPTON: Bob, guess direct addressing what you just raised about
teachers, police and where really the priorities going to be the next four
years, for whoever is president.

SHRUM: Yes. And again, he`s putting the fundamental choice who is
going to stand up for the middle class and who is going to give all the tax
breaks and all the benefits to the wealthy?

Look, the president is very powerful and persuasive here. He started
this back in September with the jobs speech to congress. He has taken some
flock from the elites and conventional wisdom and that campaign, the Obama
campaign, which is very disciplined, in which I am certain researched this
very, very well, is going to execute this. We are going to see this
narrative all the way from now until Election Day. It is going to be about
Romney and it is going to be about the president`s vision.

SHARPTON: Bob Shrum and Peter Goodman, thanks for your time this

SHRUM: Thanks.

SHARPTON: And great article, Peter in the "Huffington Post" on the
youth vote and the president.

Ahead, exposing the coordinated right wing to suppress the vote. A
top Pennsylvania Republican is caught on tape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Voter I.D. which is going to allow Governor Romney
to win the state of Pennsylvania. Done.



SHARPTON: Plus, Congressman Darrell Issa is making some wild
accusations against the White House. But what about a little thing called
the facts?

And Mitt Romney finally speaks out on the Supreme Court`s immigration
decision. But he sounded very different than the guy on stage in the

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SHARPTON: Have you checked us out on facebook? The conversation is
going all day long.

Today, a lot of our fans were buzz being voter fraud and contempt vote
on Attorney General Eric Holder.

Doug said "between voter suppression and citizens united, we have a
tough fight in front of us. Stand united."

Meanwhile, Barbara wonders "why is Congress more concerned about
gunrunning in Mexico and not gunrunning on the streets of Chicago?"

More of that when -- more on that one coming up. We want to hear what
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SHARPTON: Congressman Darrell Issa is leading the witch-hunt against
Attorney General Eric Holder. And now he`s accusing the president of
abusing his executive powers. Issa says quote, "either you or your most
senior adviser were involved in managing operation fast and furious and
fallout from it. Or you are a presidential power that you know to be
unjustified solely for the purpose of further obstructing of congressional

But, Issa himself has already admitted that he doesn`t have any
evidence of that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Do you have any evidence that the White
House officials were involved in these decisions they knowingly misled
Congress and are involved in a cover up?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: I just want to be clear. We got to get
out. No evidence at this point that the White House is involved in a

ISSA: And I hope that they don`t get involved.


SHARPTON: No evidence. No proof. Congressman Issa and his fellow
Republicans know they found nothing in their investigation into the so-
called fast and furious program. It is just politics.

I was in Washington today with other civil rights leaders calling on
Republicans to end this witch-hunt.


House of Representatives is nothing more than a clumsy naked politically
motivated witch-hunt.

SHARPTON: This attorney general has fought important voter rights,
civil rights, women`s rights, and immigration rights. And it is our firm
belief that that is why he`s being targeted with this type of humiliation.

BEN JEALOUS, PRESIDENT, NAACP: We are simply opposed to congress,
stopping the work of the people of this country, stopping the work of their
department of justice to defend their freedom, defend their rights.


SHARPTON: Joining me now is Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Democrat
from New York. She voted against a contempt vote for the attorney general.
And Joan Walsh, editor-at-large for and MSNBC political analyst.

Thanks to you both for being here today.



SHARPTON: Let me start with you, Congresswoman. Can you help our
viewers understand what Congressman Issa is up to here?

MALONEY: Well, I have served on this committee and I am honored to
identify on it. It is the government oversight and reform committee. But
what we see now is all politics all the time. There`s no focus on reform,
on ending the problems and that`s the problem.

SHARPTON: Now, when you look at what we led in, the intra led in,
Joan, he -- the -- quotes that I was reading from Congressman Issa,
Chairman Issa, about when what the White House is doing from a letter to
the president today, yet where he admitted to having no evidence on FOX
News just Sunday, two days ago. I mean, clearly, it is what the
Congresswoman and I`m saying that it looks like politics. Less than 48
hours ago you said there`s no evidence. Today we wake up and send thing
letter. What`s going on?

WALSH: No. The letter is just dripping with contempt for the
president and to the attorney general. It is really - it is really sad. I
mean, the Congresswoman knows, we all know, that the killing of agent Brian
Terry was a tragedy and that we have a bipartisan interest in understanding
what happened.

But instead we have this partisan circus where, you know, I don`t even
think that the worst thing -- one of the worst things that Representative
Issa said, there are lots of candidates for the worst thing, Reverend Al.

But he has even gone so far to suggest that maybe this, as suggesting,
this was a conspiracy of perhaps by the administration to have these guns
go AWOL and create havoc and then lead to a public outcry for more gun
control. He suggested this on "This Week" and Rush Limbaugh has run with .
So, you have --

SHARPTON: Wait a minute, I don`t want people to think you are
exaggerating there, Joan. Let me show you where Issa actually said that.

WALSH: Thank you.


ISSA: Could it be that what they really were thinking of was, in
fact, to use this -- this walking of guns in order to promote an assault
weapons ban? Many think so. If you don`t think this fast and furious and
things like right the beginning of an attack in the second term on the
second amendment, you really haven`t evaluated this president.


SHARPTON: Now, he said this at an NRA convention. The last week the
NRA sent a letter to the house oversight committee members voicing their
support of the contempt charges. And they wrote. "It is no secret the NRA
does not admire attorney general holder." And they called fast and furious
a program that cost lives in support of an anti-gun agenda.

Now, Joan, you said it, he said it. The NRA is in this.

Congresswoman, this brings another level of politics in with the NRA
that even some Democrats of parts of this country are looking at and the
NRA saying we are going to evaluate you based on your vote on this contempt

MALONEY: I`m not surprised, Reverend Al. He -- they scored the vote
in the committee. And they will score it on the floor. But it is
politics, politics, politics. They are bringing this vote to the floor in
four legislative days.

When Chairman Waxman was a chairman, under the Democrats, and we
brought contempt charge against Harriet Myers, we negotiated for six
months. And what I hope happens, I hope the speaker sits down and
negotiates with the attorney general and that you have a reasonable
solution to this instead of politics as usual.

SHARPTON: Is there a chance of that congresswoman? Because the vote
is scheduled for Thursday. Do you think there is a possibility that
Speaker Boehner will negotiate and not go forward to vote on Thursday?

MALONEY: Well, I -- I hope that he sits down and negotiates with the
attorney general. That`s what the American people would like to see. They
want to see us solving their problems.

What they should be scared about, what they should be scared about is
the working men and women in this country that are not seeing us working
for jobs, for education, for safety, for the things that they care about
and in their lives and it is -- one of the things -- what we are seeing now
is what makes people hate Washington.

SHARPTON: Now, Joan, when you look at why the Republicans really hate
Eric Holder, is he`s fighting against some of their most beloved causes.
He is blocking voters` suppression laws. And -- Senator Cornyn said that.
He`s challenging anti-immigrant laws. And he`s refusing to defend defense
of marriage act. So, there`s all of the political causes they are
championing that he has directly stood up and enforced the law of this
country that does not favor some of these political opinions.

WALSH: Yes. And Senator Cornyn actually suggested that he should
resign over his involvement in investigating these specious voter fraud
laws, Reverend Al. So, the partisan agenda is really clear. And I know
you are going to talk about it later in this hour. But you know, you have
a Pennsylvania Republican leader coming out and saying voter ID, that`s
going to get Mitt Romney to carry the state of Pennsylvania which no
Republican has carried since 1988.

This is what their agenda is about. This is what the attorney general
is standing up against. He`s protecting the rights of voters to choose
their president and to choose their elected officials. And that`s one of
the main things that is -- making them mad.

But the notion that they would accuse this president and this attorney
general basically of colluding in a plot to advance gun control that led to
the death of a border agent, I mean, I -- it is just -- it is so low. It
is really -- there`s -- they are always going to new lows but that one
really, really strikes me as beyond them.

SHARPTON: Well, Congresswoman --

MALONEY: This is a new low.

SHARPTON: It is a very much so. Congresswoman Carol Maloney and Joan
Walsh, thank you both for your time tonight.

WALSH: Thanks, Reverend Al.

MALONEY: Thank you, Reverend Al.

SHARPTON: One final note.

I told you earlier about the press conference of civil rights
community leaders and I held in supporting the attorney general. But while
we were praising Eric Holder`s work for upholding civil rights, two black
Republicans were condemning it. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain
and former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell put out a video expressing
their concern about Eric Holder`s work on issues like voter laws.

We invited Mr. Cain on the show before. And I would like to take the
opportunity to invite him again.

Mr. Cain, the door of "Politics Nation" is always open for you. We
can discuss this.

Still ahead, exposing the GOP`s game plan to beat President Obama. A
top Republican admitted how voter ID will affect their hopes on Election

But first, Mitt Romney finally makes a statement on immigration. But
still doesn`t take a stand. That`s next.


SHARPTON: Folks, we have been waiting to hear Mitt Romney respond to
the Supreme Court`s decision on the Arizona immigration law. And today was
the day. But instead of talking about his views, he blamed President


ROMNEY: W he was running for office he said it would make his first
priority and his first-year agenda to reform our immigration system and
make it work for the American people and for those that want to come here

He did not do that. Why is it? He had a democrat house, democrat
Senate. All the support he need. He did nothing. Now the Supreme Court
looked at it and what we are left with is a bit of a muddle. But, what we
know is, that the president failed to lead.


SHARPTON: So, Romney doesn`t say anything about the check your papers
part of the Arizona law. Though he does say President Obama didn`t get
immigration reform passed. But he conveniently does not mention that it
was Senate Republicans who filibustered the dream act in 2010. The GOP
blocked it. How is that President Obama`s fault? But we shouldn`t be
surprised to hear this coming from Romney. His campaign specializes in
avoiding answers. Just listen to his press secretary.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What does he think about the policy in Arizona?
Is it fair to say he has no opinion, or that you`re refusing to give us an
answer on whether --

RICK GORKA, ROMNEY PRESS SECRETARY: Arizona, like many other states
in this nation, have taken upon themselves to craft policies for their own
specific states.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Does he have a reaction as to whether he agrees
with this decision?

GORKA: Again, Jim, the states have the right to craft their
immigration policies when the federal government failed to do so.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What would a President Romney have done?

GORKA: Guys, we have to get going. Right off the back of the plane,


SHARPTON: And the campaign was just as unclear about President
Obama`s new policy. Not to support some undocumented young people. Here`s
how our campaign adviser put their position.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Every executive action that President Obama has
taken will be subject to review, in the case of this case it will be
subject to review as whether or not it`s legal. So, there is legitimate
questions about the legality of it.


SHARPTON: Answering a question with more questions. Classy. But it
wasn`t always this way. Back when Romney was fighting for the republican
nomination, he was very clear on immigration.


put in place an e-verify system, which you opposed, to make sure that we
can find out who is here legally and not and crack down on people who come
here illegally.

Well, the answer is self-deportation.

We went to the company and we said look, you can`t have any illegals
working on our property. I`m running for office, for Pete`s sake. I can`t
have illegals.


SHARPTON: And there was no doubt what he thought about Arizona`s
approach to immigration.


ROMNEY: You know, I think you see a model here in Arizona.


SHARPTON: A model here in Arizona. Did Mitt Romney think we would
forget his own record? Hasn`t he heard of "caught on tape"? Nice try
Willard but we`ve got you.


SHARPTON: Over the weekend, one of the most powerful Republicans in
Pennsylvania bragged about his party`s far right agenda and then the truth
accidentally popped-out.


making sure that we meet our obligations that we`ve talked about for years.
Pro-second amendment, the Castle Doctrine, it`s done. First pro-life
legislation -- abortion facility regulations, in 22 years, done. Voter ID
which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania,



SHARPTON: Voter ID is going to allow Mitt Romney to win Pennsylvania.
Wow! There it is, folks. He`s going to win because of voter ID. That`s
the GOP game plan for this election. And now they`ve admitted it. Last
month, I talked about voter ID with 93-year-old Viviette Applewhite. A
woman who marched for civil rights with Martin Luther King but who now can
vote because of this new republican law.


that they won`t decide this idea and everything is because -- there are so
many of the black people that doesn`t have ID. And I think it is because
they don`t want Obama in there. So, I think that they are trying to do
something to keep the black people from having the right to vote.


SHARPTON: The state estimates there are 96,000 voters like Miss
Applewhite who could be turned away from the polls because they don`t have
valid photo ID. Other estimates put it much higher. In a tight election,
that could be enough to make the difference. That`s why GOP lawmakers have
passed voter suppression laws and half a dozen critical swing states over
the last couple of years.

States like Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. Republicans are trying to
seize any advantage they can, even if it means taking away your right to

Joining me now is state Senator Daylin Leach, democrat from
Pennsylvania and Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for
Justice at NYU School of Law. Thank you both for joining me.


with you again, Reverend Al.

LEACH: Now, Senator Leach, let me start with you. Were you surprised
when you heard your republican colleague slip and say that this about voter

LEACH: Well, I was surprised that he said it but I was not surprised
in what he said. Because when we debated this several months ago, I and
others all made the case that this was about voter suppression. Voter
impersonation which is the only form of voter fraud that voter ID would
address never occurs in Pennsylvania. There is not one single documented
case of it in ten years. This was always about suppressing votes of the
people who vote the wrong way. The numbers we have are closer to 700,000

They include poor people, African-Americans, handicapped people,
senior citizens, and students, all groups that conveniently enough happen
to vote overwhelmingly democratic. Behind closed doors, some of my
republican colleagues would openly say that this was about. But I was
surprised that in the age of YouTube, someone would say it out loud like

SHARPTON: Now, Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Michael, he
defended the voter ID bill and let me show you what he says.


GOV. TOM CORBETT (D), PENNSYLVANIA: Contrary to some claims, this
bill does not interfere with anyone`s legal right to vote. It prevents
people from cheating in our elections. Some have argued that there is no
evidence of voter fraud. I don`t necessarily agree with that. This is --
a law of prevention. It is to prevent voter fraud.


SHARPTON: Well, the facts are there is no voter fraud. There has
been, in fact, the rate of voter fraud in Pennsylvania since 1999 is been
13 cases. No one has done more work in this area around the country than
you have in the Brennan center. I`ve been quoting you all over the
country. And we have been dealing with this issue. Tell us how you react
to this Pennsylvania legislator saying this and what are actual numbers
around the country, how this could really determine this election? Because
even though it is outrageous what he said, he may be right.

WALDMAN: Well, you know, the classic definition of a gaffe is when a
politician accidentally says something that`s true by accident. You know,
it is as if he took truth serum. I don`t know what he was thinking. But
the reality is, there`s no need for these laws but they are going to have a
real demonstrable tangible impact on many voters. There are lots and lots
of people in this country who just don`t have this form of government ID.
And our studies have estimated, it is about 11 percent of eligible voters
around the country.

Now many of them will be able to vote. Many will be able to get the
ID. But a lot of them are old or unable to and they simply won`t. And
Pennsylvania has fewer offices to give out free IDs per person than any
other state in the country. So, it could be a real mess. We think it is
illegal and we hope it is going to be overturned.

SHARPTON: Now, you are absolutely right. That`s why a lot of us are
having to go and deal with these things. You know, Senator Leach, I
interviewed an elected official from Florida about the ID laws in Alabama
when we were on a voter ID march down there earlier this year. Let me show
you what he said. First, the Senator from Alabama, I mean, from Florida,
and then let me show you our discussing this in the middle of our voter ID
March of National Action Network in Alabama.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: We have accountability. We are not going to wait
for fraud. Government saw the time accused of waiting until there is a big
problem. We don`t need that.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: In the last three years, we have had three people
convicted of voter fraud in Alabama. Two in historically black counties,
our majority black counties, and what I am trying to do as a state
representative is protect the sanctity of that vote.

SHARPTON: Representative, do you -- you are cracking jokes.


SHARPTON: Three people in three years. That`s one a year.


SHARPTON: So, they`re admitting there is no widespread fraud, that
millions of people are voting and they`re talking about two, or three
people. They are going to change the laws and require people, Senator
Leach, that will have to have government issued photo ID, proof of
citizenship, they have voter roll purges, shorter early voting time
periods. Eliminate Election Day registration. Third party registration
restriction. All of this is a solution for a problem that does not exist
and I think your colleague said it best -- it is because they want to win
an election and they are going to try to overturn voter rights to do it.

LEACH: Well, absolutely. I mean, you said it, Governor Corbett --
the last time I was on your show, we showed a tape of him saying that, it
was important to keep the vote in Philadelphia down. Too many people in
Philadelphia are voting. So we know what is behind this. But it is
important. You know, people say to me, why can`t people get these IDs.
One of the reasons is these IDs are not free. The ID itself is free. But
the supporting documentation, you need a birth certificate, for example to
get the voter ID. Depending where you are born, birth certificates could
be up to $50.

And so, you know, for people to afford that who are very poor, can`t
afford the transportation, sometimes three buses over a long distance to a
voting -- to a Penndot office to get the voter ID photograph, it is
something they simply can`t do. And the great thing about voter
suppression is, you don`t have to suppress every vote.


LEACH: If you just suppress 30, 40 percent of the vote, again, as you
say, that`s going to make a difference of hundreds of thousands of votes
which in a close election can be all the difference.

SHARPTON: Michael, our concern is where do we go from here? I`m
getting ready to do a voter ID tour around this issue. Our fear is that we
saw lines of people voting in `08 who had ID. Now they changed and it, we
may see lines of people turning it away. How do we avoid this?

WALDMAN: When the short run, we need to do everything we can to make
sure that people get the ID, if they can get it.


WALDMAN: We are challenging these laws in court. A lot of them are
being pushed back. A lot of them are being overturned. That`s for this
election. Over the long run, we can move past this partisan voting war.
And have a much better substitute for our ramshackle voting system. No
other democracy runs the systems the way we do. If we modernize our voter
registration, make sure that the government had a list of everybody who was
eligible to vote, it would add tens of millions of people to the roles, it
would cost less and for someone who`s really worried about fraud, it solves
that, too. We can do much better as a country.

And if you think about it this week, and next week, it is really --
evocative. On July 4, in Philadelphia, they signed the declaration of
independence and said all men are created equal. They haven`t always lived
up to but that`s the American ideal. That says that it is wrong to make it
harder for any Americans to vote. We all have a responsibility to do it.
But it really goes to the core of what our country is about to fight this.
I really believe.

SHARPTON: State Senator Daylin Leach and Michael Waldman. Thanks to
both of you for your time tonight.

LEACH: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Coming up, the murder rates soaring in one of America`s
most popular cities. And it has everyone wondering why. And the Supreme
Court gets political and is worse than ever before. Why Americans need
confidence in the court do the right thing. Stay with us.


SHARPTON: We are back on POLITICS NATION with a story about the huge
jump in murders in one American City. In the country`s biggest city, New
York, the murder rate this year is falling. And in Los Angeles, same
thing. The murder rate is also down. But what is happening in Chicago?
In the last year, the murder rate has skyrocketed. It is up 38 percent
this year. Two hundred and forty people have been killed this year in
Chicago. Mostly in shootings. And it is making national headlines on the
front page of the "New York Times" today. The question a lot of people are
asking, what is happening in Chicago?

Joining me now is Illinois Congressman Danny Davis. He is a democrat
whose Cook County district includes Chicago`s west side where many of the
shootings are happening. Congressman Davis, first thanks for your time

REP. DANNY DAVIS (D), ILLINOIS: Well, thank you, Reverend Al. We are
delighted to be here and I thank you for the tremendous work that you do.

SHARPTON: Thank you. What do you see as the biggest factor in the
homicide surge in Chicago?

DAVIS: Well, I think that there are a number of factors. One, there
is a tremendous gang problem. It is a resurgence of gang activity that has
plagued Chicago now for 25, 30 years. But also, some of it is simply
unemployment, people frustrated because they can`t find a job, also we have
the aftermath of having a school system for a number of years that was not
as productive as it could and should have been. We have hired more police.
We redeployed police officers. We have combined together, but I`m not sure
that the police in and of themselves can necessarily do the job of reducing
the murders. It really takes the whole community.


DAVIS: Many of our churches are now becoming more activated and more
involved and I commend them for that.

SHARPTON: Let me ask you this, Congressman. Because I want to get to
that in a minute. But in "The New York Times" story that I referred to,
some of the critics of the Mayor Rahm Emanuel, blame his budget choices.
In fact, a direct quote is, "Mr. Emanuel`s critics blame his budget choices
at least in part." And the budget choices have been consolidating of three
police districts, combined police and fire headquarters, cut police
spending by $67 million. Remove 1300 unfulfilled police positions. Is
there any merit to this criticism in your opinion?

DAVIS: Well, I think that one can certainly look at it differently.
I think that we need every police officer on the streets that we can afford
to have.

SHARPTON: At what point do the residents in the community take some
responsibility? I mean, these gang members have parents, they are adults,
they are leaders in the community. We complain when there are things done
from the outside. At what time, at what point do we take responsibility
and start standing up and taking charge and raising our kids and taking
responsibility in our own community along with the police and along with
the mayor?

DAVIS: I am a strong advocate of that approach and actually have been
preaching it, I guess, for a number of years. But many of our young
parents don`t know much about parenting. And so we have to help them
understand what it is that they need to do in order to become more
effective parents. We have to go back, as my mother would say in some
instances, to the old landmark.


DAVIS: Old value systems. Value systems that taught individuals to
be respectful.

SHARPTON: And to be responsible. I`m going to have to leave it
there, Congressman Davis. We are going to keep watching this story and we
are going to keep -- in touch with you on this. It is very important. And
I -- I`m speaking as one who agrees with you. I was raised by a single
parent but my growing up in poverty did not allow me to feel I had
responsibility. I didn`t know I was poor until I got to sociology class in
Brooklyn College. Thank you for being here tonight, Congressman Danny

DAVIS: Thank you so much, Al. All right.


SHARPTON: It is a big week for the Supreme Court. And for our
country, it is essential the American people have full confidence in the
court. And his confirmation hearings back in 2006, Chief Justice John
Roberts had an admirable vision for the top judge.


JOHN ROBERTS, CHIEF JUSTICE: Judges are like umpires. Umpires don`t
make the rules. They apply them. And I will remember that it is my job to
call balls and strikes and not to pitch or bat.

The Chief Justice should have as a top priority is to try to bring
about a greater degree of coherence and consensus in the opinions of the


SHARPTON: Sadly under Chief Justice Roberts, the court has gotten
more divided. Nearly a quarter of all cases have been decided by five to
four votes. That`s a six percent increase from the previous courts dating
back to 1946. At the same time, the court`s conservative justices have
grown more and more outspokenly political. Yesterday, Antonin Scalia took
a detour from his dissent in the Arizona immigration law to criticize
President Obama for his unrelated decision.

Not to deport young immigrants. Scalia said, the founding fathers
would have, quote, "Rushed to the exits after hearing the President`s new
immigration policies." Scalia is not alone. Remember Justice Samuel Alito
disagreeing when President Obama correctly predicted what Citizens United
ruling would mean for our politics?


PRES. BARACK OBAMA (D), UNITED STATES: The Supreme Court reversed a
century of law that I believe will open the flood gates for special
interests. Including foreign corporations, to spend without limit.



SHARPTON: Not true? Not true? Spending from outside groups in
presidential elections has skyrocketed since the 2010 decision. Money from
millionaires and billionaires is now flooding our political system and
changing our politics. Then there`s Justice Clarence Thomas who said that
he and his wife plead the same things. Even though she publicly called for
the repeal of the healthcare law.


CLARENCE THOMAS, JUSTICE SUPREME COURT: We love being with each other
because we love the same things. We believe in the same things. We are
focused on defending liberty. I admire her and I love her for that.


SHARPTON: It is no wonder public opinion of the Supreme Court is down
16 percent since 2000. And then more than half of Americans think the
health care ruling will be decided on political views, not a legal
analysis. Americans deserve better. And this country needs better. We
deserve the court that gave us rulings like Brown versus the board of
education. A unanimous decision that ended segregation in our schools.

Now some will say but that was a decision you agreed with or that was
political. No, it was a unanimous decision. It was not party against
another. It was not people taking shots at people`s partisan politics in
the name of preserving the constitution. It showed a united step forward
that the court interpreted and helped the country. That`s the kind of
court we need now. One that unites under the law. Not play politics under
a role.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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