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Video: Effects of health care on Romney’s campaign

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    >> points. you have to have the votes in the senate. you have to get through the legislative grind, which is easier said than done on the campaign trail than it is when you're in office, if you here in office. secondly, how realistic is it to take something away that people have already started to benefit from?

    >> three things. he said repeal and replace. mitt romney says pre-existing conditions absolutely a genuine concern, wants to make sure people continue coverage, don't face discrimination in the marketplace, wants to make sure people going into the market for the first time have r not high risk . it makes no sense when people need help the most it's hardest to buy insurance. you can't just get rid of it and replace it. unfortunately, the president, if he engaged in serious bipartisan dialogue, could have gotten some reforms done. secondly, the democrats used reconciliation to get this done on a strictly pure majority vote in the senate without needing 60 votes. the reality is when smorm elected he'll have a mandate. you'll see not only a republican senate but democratic senators like senator prior and others in swing states all of a sudden i think support mitt romney .

    >> here's the issue. as a matter of politics, you have to go out and make the case when back in 2006 then governor romney passing health care in massachusetts -- this was by the liberal research pac that found his position on the liberal mandate exactly what it is on this bill. this is what he said then.

    >> secondly, with regards to the mandate, the individual responsibility program which i proposed, i was very pleased to see that the compromise from the two houses includes the personal responsibility of principal. that is essential for bringing health care costs down for everyone and getting everybody the health insurance they deserve and need.

    >> this is somebody who says let's repeal a law that has the individual mandate at its core.

    >> i think paul ryan made this point very well friday. mitt romney has always been against the national man dey, always been against bom care, always said he wanted to repeal it. i come from one of the most distinct cultural states in the entire country. mardi gras is right for louisiana. may not work as well as in vermont or other states. the rereality is what works in massachusetts may not be appropriate to another state.

    >> you're comparing mardi gras to universal health insurance ?

    >> what i'm saying is every state is different. mitt romney has never been nor a national mandate. think about what the supreme court has done now. the founding fathers purposely reserved powers to the states and the individuals they would not give to the federal government . now, the court did something -- i disagree with the ruling. they're eroding our freedoms. but they're more honest than the president. they called it what it was, a huge tax increase. the federal government can tax us for not following along.

    >> in massachusetts very few people had to pay. most people got health insurance . that's a fact, isn't it?

    >> now they can compel -- that's the whole point. it's about changing behavior. for example --

    >> very few people actually had to pay a tax.

    >> it's the threat of a new tax increase to change behavior.

    >> let me get a response on this point.

    >> this is a fundamental disagreement between democrats and republicans, between bobby and myself. pick on texas . 22% of its kids have no health insurance , and 25% of its adults have no health insurance . those aren't just texas kids. those are american kids. and i think we have an obligation to make sure our kids have health insurance . and this bill does that. i don't like the individual mandate either, and i don't think it was necessary, but it's there. the supreme court has spoken. the congress has spoken. the president has spoken. mitt romney has shown this can work because it did work in massachusetts with 98% of people covered. i don't want to live in a country where 22% of the kids who are american kids in texas don't have health insurance , and i think it's our obligation as a society to make sure everybody has health insurance , and that is what this bill does.


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