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Video: When is a tax, not a tax?

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    >> when is a tax not a tax? perhaps when it's at the heart of a presidential campaign . those three letters are changing the way that the landmark health care ruling is handled. it's frost and davis time. okay. when is a tax a tax? you have been joking about it. you call it and say it's not a tax or penalty.

    >> revenue enhancement measure.

    >> this argument that congressional republicans -- can they talk about it as a tax and mitt romney talk about it as not?

    >> the tax and supreme court said it's a tax. when you buy a pack of cigarettes is it a penalty or a tax?

    >> he actually, he is a great piece you're about to put up. the word tax is 28 times on the decision. not only that he said a penalty means you have done something wrong. a tax is not -- is not somehow you did something wrong and roberts in this opinion wants to make sure. not buying health insurance , you're not committing a crime.

    >> all of this is irrelevant. the romney campaign should be talking about the economy. i think they are wasting time on this. i know the republican base wants to talk about this one. this will not be a determining issue. the economy is what it's all about. i would do whatever they have to do to pass it by their base. they should not be spending a lot of time on those.

    >> our cc is running right now the house race. i think the one example that we have, a democratic congress woman showed two people texting and it's all about health care . is this the idea that if romney plays this right, he won't have to talk about -- against the republican base.

    >> but your own polling shows that it does not poll that well among independents.

    >> okay. but go ahead.

    >> independents want this thing to go away. they want to get on to other issues and i hope the republicans do keep helping this. if i were running the republican campaign committee as tom did, i would tell my candidates keep talking about the economy. find a way to talk about the economy and realize you have got deal with it.

    >> what happens when a democratic house or candidate does this.

    >> i don't think it works. if they voted for it, they're on the hook for it.

    >> let's talk about the economy.

    >> we have good news on housing. bad news on manufacturing over all.

    >> if i were the obama campaign and they rarely ask my opinion, i would talk about the autos.

    >> which we gist saw in the new ad.

    >> ohio , wisconsin , michigan , and i would talk about that every single day. that has been their strongest issue to appeal to blue collar voters. they will have to say what they want to do for the future. eventually they will have to address the goals and recommendations.

    >> you know, i did the little numbers yesterday and did our map and showed that romney can win every other battleground shake. he cannot -- he is three electoral votes shy. even with new hampshire and colorado, virginia .

    >> ohio is the easiest of those. i looked at the ads for obama. if you look, he is not in wisconsin and michigan and those are states on the bubble.

    >> romney is -- he is not on the air in pennsylvania, not on the air in michigan , not on the air in wisconsin .

    >> this race does not really engage until after the conventions.

    >> the average person, 40% of the voters don't know about the supreme court ruling.

    >> i looked at those numbers, too. romney has to carry florida , virginia , and ohio . now his trip to israel makes a lot of sense for him in terms of florida .

    >> one sweep.

    >> i remember when obama went to israel in the summer of 2008 . my grandson who was 11 is now 15 commented on what he was wearing when he went to the wall. my grandson is from an orthodox family. those little things make a difference.

    >> i think it's huge. a swing element in florida and ohio and virginia .


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