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Dialysis stocks hit by proposed U.S. reimbursement cuts

(Reuters) - A proposal to slash reimbursements to kidney dialysis centers in the United States drove down shares of Fresenius Medical Care AG and Davita Healthcare Partners Inc, two of the world's leading providers of dialysis services. Full story

HMOs Jump on 2013 Medicare Rates

   Health insurance stocks like Humana broke out sharply on Monday after the CMS increased the Medicare Advantage rate. The FMHR traders and Steve Grasso discuss how to play these stocks. Also, whether to get cautious on news the Dow has set a new intrada...

Federal government slashes New York's Medicaid payments

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Federal authorities have dramatically lowered the amount that New York state can claim from the federal government for certain medical services, costing the state an estimated $1.2 billion. Full story

Newfound Particle Still Looks Like a Higgs Boson

If it looks like a Higgs, acts like a Higgs, and decays like a Higgs, it's probably a Higgs. Full story

CMS Rate Proposal Hits HMOs

   The proposed rate cute outlined by CMS is putting pressure on all of the Medicare advantage players, with CNBC's Bertha Coombs.

Joomla, Wordpress Hit by Scareware-Loading Exploits

Websites that use the very popular Joomla and WordPress content management systems (CMS) are being compromised by iFrame injection exploits that redirect users to malicious sites in order to download scareware onto victims’ computers. Full story

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Hawking, CERN scientists win big physics prizes

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CMS collaboration
CMS collaboration

The Large Hadron Collider's CMS Collaboration gets its collective picture taken in front of a full-scale picture of the CMS detector at Europe's CERN particle physics lab. More than 3,000 scientists, engineers and students are involved in the CMS collaboration, and just about that many more are invo