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  What’s next with Pennsylvania’s voter ID law?

Pennsylvania takes another step to make it harder to vote

  On the very day a judge upheld Pennsylvania's tough new voter ID law, the state decided to take down its online voter registration and absentee ballot request options. So now, even voters who do have valid ID's will have an even tougher time casting a ballot. Ed Schultz talks to Stephanie Singer, Ch

Smerconish: ‘Only a partisan opinion could sustain’ voter ID laws

  Hardball guest host Michael Smerconish addresses Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law and says it is motivated by partisan politics.

The Ed Show: 145 groups join fight to educate Pennsylvania voters on ID law

Since Wednesday's court ruling, Pennsylvania's controversial voter ID law, which could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of predominantly Democratic voters, now looks more likely than not to be in place on Election Day. So Thursday night, The Ed Show looked at what voting rig … Full story

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NBC Politics: PA judge rejects challenge to voter ID law

Open Channel: Will new photo ID laws keep down the black vote in the South?

The Ed Show: VIDEO: 'It's a nightmare': Pennsylvanians without ID speak out on controversial new voting law

Republicans hit Justice Department on voter ID

Legal challenge to Pennsylvania voter ID law begins in court

The Ed Show: Lawsuit against PA voter ID law going forward this week

Crowd protests Pennsylvania voter ID law ahead of court challenge

Justice Department probes Pennsylvania voter ID law

NAACP head decries voter ID laws

The Ed Show: PA voter ID law faces court challenge


  Pa. judge refuses to block voter ID law

NBC's Pete Williams details the decision made by a state court judge.