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Power social media posters often use dashboard apps, such as Tweetdeck (which Twitter owns) and Hootsuite to post to many accounts at once — such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others.

They can also use these apps to schedule Tweets, so they don't bombard the airwaves with too much info at once.

Hootsuite, introduced an optional service today (July 17), called AutoSchedule, that schedules a post for the time of day when, based on its analysis of the Twitterverse (or Facbookverse or other verses), a post is most likely to get read. It works via Hootsuite's browser plug-in, called the Hootlet, and currently supports Chrome and Firefox.

We tried an auto-scheduled Tweet around 9:45 this morning, and Hootsuite sent it at 10:10 AM. A Facebook post from 10:40 was auto scheduled for 11:05.

This optimized posting might be overkill for some people, especially those who prefer to post when the mood or inspiration strikes them. But for heavy sharers, it could make life a bit easier. And it could be a boon for folks who use social media to promote their business — not just corporate types but also freelancers, artists, musicians and others.

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