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Getting sick of flinging birds at pigs? "Wreckateer," a new game for Microsoft's Xbox Kinect, puts you in control of a medieval wrecking crew as it brings down castles and other structures.

This newest addition to the Xbox Live Arcade library will be available starting Wednesday (July 25) for 1200 Microsoft points, or $15.

Your job is to manually aim your ballista, load up your shot, figure out how much power to use (the stronger the better) and let it fly. From there, you can guide your shot a number of ways, depending on what kind of ammunition you use. With a basic shot, for example, you can swat away at it with your hands, adding topspin. With a guided shot, you spread your arms like an airplane and aim it with more precision.

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Each stage (level) in "Wreckateer" is packed with targets aplenty, as well as bonus objectives including score multiplier shields and goblins that taunt you from the highest towers.

"Wreckateer's" gameplay takes just minutes to get into, but several sessions to master. You can add style points to your aiming and shooting techniques, and also strategically hit targets to cause more destruction, such as aiming at the base of a tower. The Kinect reads your body's motions with utmost precision, as there was never a time our shot didn't hit the mark – unless it was our fault, of course.

"Wreckateer" is also quite competitive. You can play along with your friends locally, earning medals and unlocking other goodies, like Achievements for your GamerScore tally on Xbox Live and virtual items for your Avatar character. The game also supports online leaderboards, so you can compare scores with others on your friends list, both by total score and by game stage.

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The graphics in "Wreckateer" are pleasant, from the medieval-style stages (which get more intricate as you go along) to the bird's eye view that follows your shot all the way to its intended target. The audio is equally pleasant, from the nice little tunes playing in the background to the booming explosions. You also hear the banter between your two partners, who teach you the basics of wreckateering while bickering with each other every step of the way.

At a modest $15, " Wreckateer " really brings down the house.

RATING: 3 / 4 

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