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This year's recent Comic-Con International in San Diego confirms that big comic-book/movie franchises live on. Here are the five hottest pairings we'll be seeing over the next year,

1) "Ironman" and "The Avengers"

Following the $1.4 billion that "The Avengers" has made, Marvel Studios shows no signs of stopping, revealing several upcoming movies in the works, including "Ant-Man," "Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier," "Thor 2" and obviously next year's "Iron Man 3," coming in May 2013.

In the meantime, Ubisoft will be releasing "The Avengers: Battle For Earth" game this fall, which will feature Iron Man and several other characters from the film, as well as additional heroes like Spider-Man. Players will control the game utilizing movements read by the Microsoft Xbox Kinect and upcoming Nintendo Wii U controllers.

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2) "The Expendables 2"

Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Wills, and other tough-guy legends will reunite in "The Expendables 2," which is due in theaters on August 17th. Meanwhile, Ubisoft is poised to release "The Expendables 2" game, which lets you control various "Expendables" members as they lay waste to enemies. The game is due for release on PlayStation Network at the end of this month, and on Xbox Live shortly thereafter.

3) "Halo"

The return of Master Chief is imminent, as " Halo 4 " moves towards its November 4 release date on Xbox 360. The single-player campaign will focus on the return of Chief, as well as his cybernetic ally Cortana. The game developers are also adding new components to the multiplayer portion of the game, including free downloadable "Spartan Ops" co-op missions and new "war games" matches, in which teams of soldiers face off against each other.

In addition, Microsoft is prepping a live-action film series covering events that happen prior to the game. Titled "Forward Unto Dawn," the series will make its debut on October 5th through Xbox Live and online partners (including IGN and Machinima) and run through the game's release date, November 4th. The "full cut" of the film will also be available bundled with "Halo 4: Limited Edition," and a separate DVD/Blu-Ray release is being considered. Based on the trailer, this looks like a must for Halo fans.

4) "Deadpool"

Deadpool, Marvel's masked (and smarmy) assassin, has been delighting fans for years with his antics in various comics, as well as in the animated film "Hulk Vs." Now he's bringing his skills to video games in a forthcoming Activision title, also named "Deadpool," expected in 2013.

It's being produced by High Moon Studios – the same team behind the "Transformers" games. Better still, Deadpool is being voiced by Nolan North, the actor who previously voiced him in the "Hulk" cartoon.

Expect the "Deadpool" game in 2013.

5) "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron"

Though a new "Transformers" film isn't due for at least a couple of years (director Michael Bay is working on a fourth), Activision is about to release its " Fall of Cybertron " game. It features a huge storyline revolving around the Autobots and Decepticons, as well as new characters, including the playable Dinobot character Grimlock.


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