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Piggybacking on Olympics fervor, mega-dating site released the results of an online survey this week showing the attitudes of its members in six countries, including the U.S., France and Japan, and who wins the "gold" for each one.

Some of the results seem to confirm stereotypes, and some seem to challenge. In an era aspiring to gender equality, most women have at least sometimes picked up the check for a date, though America is far from leading. That honor goes to the Britts, where about half of women say that they offer to pay for every other date.

And America, the land-of tell-all books and talk shows, is where the most people report back to friends how a date went. Ninety-two percent of Americans share at least some details with friends, while just 65 percent of the French would.

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The U.S. also wins for the amount of dating, though it's hardly a swinging-single country: 72 percent report going on more than two dates a year. Just 68 percent of Britts and 47 percent of Japanese go out that often.

Speaking of Japan, couples in that crowded country are most likely to shack up within a year, while residents of wide-open Canada and the U.S. are least likely.

These results and others came from an online survey of 3,000 members, half men and half women, in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and France.

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