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Last week we reviewed Mac and PC app Dashlane, which integrates with your Web browser, remembers usernames and passwords to Web pages and automatically logs you in (after you enter a single password that unlocks the program).

It can also store all your personal details — name, address, etc. — and your credit card info for quickly completing purchases.

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Today (July 24) it went mobile with an updated app that brings essentially all the features to iPhones. This is in some ways even more helpful. According to the Pew Research Center, about half of U.S. adults over 18 shop with a cellphone in hand, but that's mostly to check prices or reviews while they are in the store. Making online forms easier could encourage more people to actually buy from a mobile, wherever they are.

(Dashlane also added plug-in support today for the Internet Explorer browser, joining the support it already had for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari on both Macs and PCs.)

The new Dashlane app helps with that, though we encountered some glitches.

Dashlane could already sync its info between computers by passing an encrypted file among them over a connection to Dashlane's servers. This now applies to the mobile app, as well. So if you already have Dashlane, all your info is on the app as soon as you log in.

The app has its own browser, so all the features are integrated. Using the browser is a "premium" feature, however, that requires a $5-per-month or $40-per-year subscription (after a 29-day free trial). So you essentially have to subscribe for the app to be truly useful. (You can also get access by racking up points for performing various tasks, such as inviting friends to use the service.)

On many pages, the experience was great. The app automatically logged us in to within seconds. It also helped with signing up for a account. That wasn't exactly a one-click process, though. Instead, one click filled in the name, while additional clicks on the appropriate fields filled in things such as address. Still, it was much better than doing everything by hand.

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There were some hangups, however, which Dashane told TechNewsDaily it is aware of. It says a fix is coming in about a week.

A common problem was the browser freezing up and the connection timing out. It happened nearly half the time in our brief testing, while two other browsers on the same device, Safari and Chrome, had no problems.

Assuming the new-app bugs are resolved, Dashlane could be a good way to save a little time while dealing with big forms on a small screen.  

Though it's not the only fix. Many prominent ecommerce sites — including Amazon, BestBuy, eBay and Paypal — already have apps that make buying a snap. So if you have a limited number of sites that you buy from, a dedicated app is another way to save time.

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