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Holmes' notebook may be in judge's hands

Lawyers for Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes have given the judge a sealed envelope that might contain a notebook Holmes sent a psychiatrist. Full story

False Memories Implanted in Mice

Tinkering with the brains of mice, scientists have given the rodents memories of events that never occurred. Full story

Lawmakers Battle over Push to Create Military 'Chaplain' for Atheists

Members of Congress are set to square off over a push to create military chaplains for people who do not believe in God. The effort to create a chaplain for atheists and "humanists" has been building over the last several weeks. While the title might sound inherently contradictory, supporters say th Full story

Psychiatrists decry mental health care in Africa

The drugs given to many of Africa's psychiatric patients are often administered to keep the patients asleep so the hurried nurses can get some rest, and those who can't sleep may have their hands or feet tied up. Full story

Bill to ban sexual orientation therapy

Gay rights activists are planning to gather at the Statehouse in support of a bill that would ban therapy on minors that seeks to change their sexual orientation. Full story

6 dismissed in 1st day of Fort Hood murder trial

The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage declined to ask potential jurors any questions Tuesday as jury selection finally began in his long-awaited murder trial. Full story

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Jury selection set in Fort Hood suspect's case

Brazilian lawmaker withdraws 'gay cure' bill before vote

Judge reviews Fort Hood suspect's jury questions

Accused Colorado theater gunman gets more time for mental exam

Is Big Brother Watching? Paranoid Thoughts Common, Study Finds

Judge postpones ruling on whether to delay Fort Hood trial

Bondage Benefits: BDSM Practitioners Healthier Than 'Vanilla' People

Avatars help schizophrenia patients silence tormenting voices

Psychiatrists unveil their long-awaited diagnostic "bible"

Federal Mental Health Agency to Drop DSM Use


  Is it OK to cry at work?

It’s natural to cry and get angry, but is it OK to display your emotions at work? Nicole Williams, a career expert for LinkedIn, and psychiatrist Joshua Weiner discuss the role of emotions in the workplace.

  Is this normal? Sorting through emotional issues

When it comes to moods and feelings, many people ask, “Is this normal?” Psychiatrist Gail Saltz is here to help sort out viewers’ emotional and mood problems, including whether it’s normal to dwell for years on a lost love.

  Accused Fort Hood shooter expected to plead not guilty

Major Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 shooting at a Texas military base, is expected to plead “not guilty” today. He is accused of killing 13 people and injuring 32 others.

  Former Clinton aide on how he revealed he was gay to his dad

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks with former Clinton aide Richard Socarides about how he came out to his father, a psychiatrist who founded gay conversion therapy.

  What could authorities have done about James Holmes?

With new details released this week about James Holmes, the man accused in the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting, Melissa Harris-Perry’s panelists discuss mental health issues and gun control.

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A boy looks on May 28, 2013 at soap bubbles during the Share Drive of Life charity event organized by the Kiev Chapter Ukraine motorcycling club for children with autism in a park in Kiev. The number of children with various forms of autism in Ukraine increased over the past five years by 2.35 times

File handout showing Hasan, U.S. Army psychiatrist identified by authorities as suspect in shooting at U.S. Army post in Fort Hood, Texas
File handout showing Hasan, U.S. Army psychiatrist identified by authorities as suspect in shooting at U.S. Army post in Fort Hood, Texas

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist charged in a mass shooting at the U.S. Army post in Fort Hood, Texas, is seen in this undated file handout photo obtained on November 6, 2009. REUTERS/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences/Handout

Toys, photos of psychiatrists, and a chair are arranged in a psychology consulting room at the Number One Detention Center in Beijing Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012. Detention centers in China are primarily for people who have been detained by police on suspicion of committing a criminal offense and are aw