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The media attention lately may be focusing on controversial Olympic tweets, but the biggest topic among twitterers themselves is… themselves.

Both nationally and worldwide, the top discussion has been around the hashtag #MentionSomethingAboutYourself, where entries range from braggy to banal to baring all.  

A woman who goes by KhEziah aRmah, for example, likes reading and doesn't have any piercings, but would like to get a tattoo. A man who goes by GustavoTheGreat announced that he hadn’t yet had breakfast.


A woman called cahlia tai'shan proudly announced that "I'm naturally pretty, no weave & no make-up." College student Ms. J bragged "I'm a beast when it comes to cooking. Just call me the Mexican Betty Crocker cause I am."

Ms. J tweeted seven more things about herself within a few minutes before deciding that #MentionSomethingAboutYourself is "lame."

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On the serious side, @brittanysaucedo (no other title given) confessed to having both vitiligo — a loss of skin pigmentation — and Graves disease —a thyroid disorder. And GustavoTheGreat had some bigger information (if true): "i lied to the federal police on quite a few occasions."

With tweets rolling in at dozens per second, a comprehensive overview isn't possible, but the hashtag seemed to especially draw women. It spanned the range of lifestyles, from Ty'neishaaaa, who wants to stay a virgin as long as she can, to many other women talking about how sexy they are.

A woman who confessed to being shy seems to tweet several times per hour, showing perhaps the difference between posting and meeting in real life. (Perhaps that helps to explain why some Olympians have tweeted offensive comments that they likely wouldn't have said, for instance, during an interview.)

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Some men's tweets were cynical or dark, from WhiteChocolate's "I just don't give a f---" [redacted by TechNewsDaily] and Keith Barbosa's "I hate humans" to Akeem's "Yea,im cool/initially nice,but im kinda dark n heartless,cold not caring when it comes to it."

"Thalia's Boyfriend" may have hit on why more men don't post or don't post frankly when he tweeted. "I bottle my emotions."

Asking people around the world to describe themselves shows both how different they are and what they have in common: Self-proclaimed shy or not, they do like the attention.

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