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Video: Wild weather endangers East

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    >>> we got a lot of weather in the news this sunday night. we have a dangerous line of storms rumbling across the eastern u.s. and a pair of tropical storms to tell you about. kelly cass is standing by at weather channel head quarters with all of us.

    >> millions of people being impacted by the threat of severe winds better than 60 miles per hour. have flashlights weather. we could lose power. we have thunderstorm watches in effect from boston to philadelphia and washington, d.c. we had reports of lightning hitting a couple of people at a nascar race. that race had to be shortened. severe thunderstorm warnings continue for places like philadelphia, major delays at the airport. ernesto 50 miles per hour winds expected to brush by jamaica and a tropical storm warning in effect there. florence off the coast of africa, not too worried about that one.

    >> a lot going on, kelly cass , from weather channel .


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