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It's a far cry from NBC's tardy Olympic coverage, but the live-streamed NASA TV seems to be on a bit of a tape delay.

During the late-night/early-morning live coverage of the landing, TechNewsDaily writer Leslie Meredith was seeing Tweets about events in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory up to three minutes before she saw the events on the NASA TV app on her Roku set-top box.

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How did those other people know what to tweet? Perhaps they were watching the (theoretical) simulcast on Ustream. That's where I was. And I saw tweets slightly following the events — as you would expect from Twitter's fast, but not psychic, typists.

We put the two live streams side-by-side this afternoon — one from the NASA Web site and one from NASA's Ustream channel, and we saw the NASA site's video lagging anywhere from eight to about 30 seconds.

We've asked both NASA and Ustream about the discrepancy. But their responses have been…delayed.

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