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Video: Colorado shooting victims remembered

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    >>> finally tonight, further proof that the worst of times brings out the best in people. about a block away from us tonight there is a pile of flowers and cards a makeshift memori memorial. a sign of an out pouring of support. and nothing can keep us apart remember your father

    >> today the focus wasn't on a single deranged gunman. hundreds in the community who are coming together to honor them. players painted the date of the tragedy and held back tears.

    >> there are glimmers of hope and comfort in each other's company.

    >> we want to make sure the victims are brought back and supporters in every way that we can.

    >> governor john higginlooper a announced a victim's fund.

    >> we can't accept or explain at this point but we are not going to let it happen to us.

    >> a lot has happened here it is a state that lived through the massacre in 1999 at columbine and the massive wildfires. jessica was going to help. she tweeted and tried to raise money and never got a chance. and now her family has a new mission.

    >> her legacy will be something along the lines of helping others.

    >> chris bower didn't know any of the crivictims personally. but was moved to visit his local blood banks.

    >> i wasn't there but i can do something now.

    >> acts of kindness, determined to get through it together.

    >> and that is "nbc nightly


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