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  Storytime with Rev. Al

Akin opens door to disagreeing with Civil Rights Act

  Rachel Maddow describes how, after shunning Todd Akin for his "legitimate rape" remarks, Republicans have renewed their support for their candidate against Senator Claire McCaskill, a move they may regret as Akin continues to make outrageous statements, implicating them by association.

The fallout from Todd Akin's remarks

  The Up w/ Chris Hayes panelists talk about response to Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on the myth of "legitimate rape."

The lineage behind ‘legitimate rape’

  Up host Chris Hayes and his guests, FX television host W. Kamau Bell, The Nation columnist Katha Pollitt, Newsweek/The Daily Beast contributing writer Michelle Goldberg, and WBAI-FM host Esther Armah, trace back to the historical origins behind Rep. Todd Akin’s claims on “legitimate rape.”

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Todd Akin Tries to Turn Social Media Mockery into Donations


  Top Lines: Romney, Akin, Ted Knight, ‘legitimate rape’ and squealing pigs

Mitt Romney hates Yankees but loves New Hampshire’s tax rate; Vice President Joe Biden points out some GOP squealing pigs; Ted Knight cites the importance of ditch diggers; and the world is introduced to Rep. Todd Akin and his phrase “legitimate rape” in the week’s “Top Lines”.

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