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Link between ADHD meds and smoking still hazy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Do ADHD drugs help steer kids away from cigarettes? Or do they actually make youngsters with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more likely to pick up the bad habit?Full story

Typical toddler behavior or ADHD? 10 ways to tell

Telling the difference between a normal, antsy 4-year-old and one who is hyperactive to the point where it affects his or her ability to learn has become trickier as attention deficit disorders have become more common, according to recent research. Full story

Early ADHD treatment helps kids do better in math

New research from Iceland suggests kids who get early treatment for their attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder don't have as much trouble on national standardized tests as those who aren't prescribed medication until age 11 or 12. Full story

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Managing the costs of ADHD

Teen Drug Abuse Linked to 'Impulsive' Brains

Anesthesia before age 3 raises ADHD risk

Use of ADHD medications rises among kids

Playing in the grass may ease ADHD symptoms

ADHD meds could delay boys' puberty

1 in 10 US kids have ADHD, study finds


  ADHD can be diagnosed in kids as young as 4

The American Academy of Pediatrics released new treatment guidelines Monday for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, saying ADHD can be diagnosed in children as early as age four. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman has more.