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Days after former LulzSec leader Hector Monsegur had his sentencing postponed in exchange for aiding an FBI investigation, another LulzSec hacker has surrendered.

Raynaldo Rivera, a 20-year-old Arizona man, gave himself up to authorities in Phoenix less than a week after a grand jury indictment charged him with conspiracy and "unauthorized impairment of a protected computer," Reuters reported.

Rivera is accused of breaching and stealing information from Sony Corp. in May and June of last year and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

According to the indictment, Rivera, who went by "neuron," "royal and "wildicv," used a fairly typical SQL injection to steal names, birthdates, email addresses and passwords, phone numbers and addresses, which were then posted online.

In typical fashion, LulzSec bragged about the breach on Twitter and, according to CNET, claimed to have nabbed the personal information of more than 1 million people. Sony later said the real number was less than 40,000.

Earlier this year, Cody Kretsinger, 24, pleaded guilty to taking part in the attack against Sony. Although Rivera's name is the only one on the indictment, Reuters reports that the FBI has named Kretsinger as one of his co-conspirators.

Last year, Anonymous member and LulzSec leader Hector Monsegur was arrested for his role in the network breach of high-profile companies and law enforcement agencies, including PayPal, Visa and the CIA.

Despite his capture, Monsegur maintained an active role in LulzSec, attacking corporate websites with other trusted hackers while clandestinely feeding information to the FBI. The 28-year-old's cooperation resulted in the arrest of at least five others in the United States and U.K. It's unclear whether or not Monsegur's information played or will play an important role in this case.\

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