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Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign stop at Renaissance High School, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012, in Detroit.
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Just a typical day in Bidenland: The Green Bay Packers, historic trains, and slamming Paul Ryan on Bowles-Simpson.

Appearing in GOP vice presidential nominee Ryan's home state Sunday afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden rattled off his knowledge of the hometown team's greats while admiring the artifacts at the National Railroad Museum, where about a thousand supporters came to hear him.

"Whoever set this up hit a soft spot in my heart," the famously frequent Amtrak rider said, standing with a Pullman car as a backdrop. "I’m the biggest railroad guy you’ve ever known."

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Noting his Catholic schooling under a Packers-loving order of priests, Biden joked with the crowd heavily dotted with green and yellow team apparel, "In our school, it was the Father and the Son and Vince Lombardi."

But the meat of Biden's campaign speech Sunday also offered a new attack on Ryan's claims that President Barack Obama ignored the recommendations of a bipartisan commission he created to address the nation's staggering deficit in 2010.

"What he didn’t tell you is he sat on that commission," Biden said. "He and his House Republican friends that he leads – had they voted with the commission, it would have been voted on but he voted no. He would not let it go to the floor. He walked away!"

"Romney has repeatedly said that he would reject any deal to bring down the debt that included 10 dollars in spending cuts even if it add only one dollar in taxes for the wealthy," he added. "Congressman Ryan failed to mention any of that – a convenient omission, I’d say."

Biden blasts Ryan at Ohio union rally

Ryan served on the Bowles-Simpson commission and voted with six of the body's 18 members -- including both Republicans and Democrats – against its final recommendations. The commission's rules required 11 'yes' votes to advance for a full congressional vote. While Ryan praised many facets of the Bowles-Simpson proposal, he argued at the time that it did not do enough to address rising health costs.

The Obama administration did not publicly embrace Simpson-Bowles either, fearing backlash both from Democrats and Republicans – who Democrats feared would reflexively oppose a plan Obama backed.

Romney, Ryan vow not to cut military budget

Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck responded to Biden's claim by pointing out the Wisconsin congressman's continuing efforts to propose a responsible budget after the Bowles-Simpson panel fell apart.

"After the commission, Paul Ryan turned around and passed two budgets that put us on the path to balance," Buck said. "The President's proposal, meanwhile, was so un-serious that it received zero votes – from either party – in Congress.”

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Video: Heilemann: At DNC, Biden going to vouch for POTUS in a powerful way

  1. Closed captioning of: Heilemann: At DNC, Biden going to vouch for POTUS in a powerful way

    >> the ap, the obama campaign will use speeches by workers from bain capital -controlled companies.

    >> you have a cover story on joe biden . what can you tell us about the vice president that you have don't know?

    >> you guys know the vice president pretty well. he is fired up and ready to go for sure. i was saying to willie on "way too early," a lot of ways the spirit of 2012 , which is a much more smash mouth kind of politics we saw in 2008 , in some way joe biden is better suited to this than either mitt romney or barack obama . he can deliver a punch to the gut and kind of prop you back up and smile at you and make you feel okay after he does it. he's very tough. of all four of the guys on the ticket, romney, ryan, biden , he's the only one in a speaks the language of populism. he always has. he has the working class , scranton pennsylvania, he talks to voters better than anyone else.

    >> isn't it something when vice presidential candidates -- he comes from a working class area in wisconsin, a swing area.

    >> it's true. there are questions about what his speech is going to look like thursday night. people say he's been demoted because he's not getting a night of his own. bill clinton 's speech will not be covered by one of the big networks because they're showing the football game . joe biden is happy to be there thursday night with probably a bigger audience than he would have gotten on wednesday. he's been a good attack dog for their side so far. he's not going to do that on thursday night. his job is going to be to make the case for what they've accomplished over the last four years. president obama is going to draw the choice and talk about the future and the contrast. biden 's going to there been mainly to brag about the president and say things in a language about the president the president isn't comfortable saying about himself. it's going to be why i love barack obama , why barack obama 's been good for you. he's going to vouch for the president in a very powerful way. i think he's going to do it pretty well.

    >> here's more on the biden factor. "joe bidenen unchained, the truth about biden is more subtle and complex, that his greatest asset, what obama strategist david axelrod calls him bluntness and ebullience is equally his gravest liability, his old school m.o. makes him uniquely unsuited to this most modern political media moment that in a culture that pines for authenticity and then punishes it cruelly, his utter incapacity for phoniness and, yes, his grievous inability to control his yap, endows him with enorm out charm and guile him as a human ied.

    >> the things he said in his career could have ruined him. his comment he made a few weeks ago about putting people back in chains was big for a week and he seeps to have slid past that.

    >> what about barack obama and the campaign?

    >> what?

    >> which led al sharpton to say at the time "i'm clean, i take baths." biden not only survived that, he became vice president. that's why we love him so much.

    >> he's genuine.

    >> let me ask both of you guys, how long is joe biden in the dog house over the same-sex marriage issue? because they'll say they -- inside the white house everybody says the president was angry, his staff people were kept out of meetings for a while. how long did that last and are there still bruised feelings over that? mark?

    >> no oval office likes to let the vice president drive the agenda. i think joe biden did him a favor. i think the timing worked out nicely for them.

    >> are there still bruised feelings there?

    >> there's a wariness, as will always has been, that joe biden can -- i've been taken by how separate the operations have been. the president does run his own shop. there's wariness but i don't think hard feelings.

    >> you get a sense though, john, that the staff has a deep distrust, the president's staff has a deep distrust for joe biden .

    >> the staff was more upset than the president was. the president wasn't bhap as was reported, the vice president went to obama and apologized in a very full throated, genuine way. i think for barack obama that was kind of -- it was over and done with at that point.

    >> i think he was hung out to dry on that. they're putting him out in front of millions of people to campaign. they can't be that worried about him.

    >> joe biden is not someone who sits well with control freakishness. he is sort of an unguided missile. there are always going to be people who are wary or nervous about him. in the end if you net out the positives and negatives, most people think joe biden is a net positive , not net negative.

    >> democrats were saying america may have been better off but not better off than they were four years ago. the president spoke out about this last night.

    >> he addressed that in colorado. president obama was asked for his thoughts on how he handled the economy.

    >> reporter: your party says you've inherited a bad situation. you've had three and a half years to fix it. what grade would you give yourself so far for doing this?

    >> i would say incomplete. i would say the steps we've taken in saving the auto industry , making sure college is more affordable, investing in clean energy , science and research.

    >> the president had the same angs to that question last year and abc news and cbs in 2010 .

    >> i think the president is being intellectually hon whes he says "incomplete." we really don't know hough things are going to wind up. but four years in that's a hard answer to take to the american people . how are you doing on the economy? incomplete.

    >> a two-teared answer there. technically the country is better off than we were four years ago over a broad range of factors but no one i know who lives in a house and pays a mortgage feels that way. so they have to thread that needle. and back tonight vice president of the united states . if you talk to him, he will tell you the difference between four years ago and today is like a patient who had cardiac surgery . four years ago the patient is undergoing bypass surgery . now the patient is in the recovery room. one of the things about biden in relation to this issue and other issues in the white house staff is unlike the people in the white house staff , biden manages to live for a for a time every every -- he goes to home depot . when he goes there, he realizes there's still enormous difficulty in this country. plumbers aren't there in the numbers they used to be, builders aren't at home depot the way they were five or six years ago and he gets a sense of this evenings far better than the white house staff or certainly the president who are in that double.

    >> so the patience, on the table?

    >> i would think you would want to go back to the policies we had eight years before that, which is what you'd get.

    >> unless you had another ticket that was so healthy that they could run a mayor ton in under three minutes. get off the table and run a marathon in under three minutes.

    >> that's actually the first non-truth that paul ryan told that makes he really worried about him. all this other stuff is gamesmanship during conventions. they all play with the truth and we have to -- you know what, you don't lie about a marathon. first of all, it's recorded. second of all, runners take that really seriously. they don't lie about their times. hello!

    >> willie and i understand that.

    >> who lies about their time?

    >> willie and i would not lie about when we were in the marathon last year.

    >> oh, my gosh, grueling.

    >> two hour, 15 minutes . we're smoking cigarettes the entire way. it's unbecoming zip ran the new jersey fun run in 1984 which is one mile, 12 minutes. you can look it up.

    >> heart beat like a rabbit.

    >> it's a problem. it's a problem. coming up live from charlotte, we're going to bring in former secretary of state madeleine albright , form are senator chuck schumerer governor daniel malloy and academy award winner jeff bridges . but first let's go to new york to bill karins for a check on the forecast. bill?

    >> good morning to you, mika. for those of you that don't know, mika's a pretty serious runner. we're watching some showers moving through the carolinas. that's good at least for this morning. we will dodge some of those large thunderstorms later. if you're anywhere up there around areas of new jersey, pennsylvania, some heavy rain this morning, especially coastal areas of jersey pushing across long island into new england. it's a very humid air mass . all of that moisture as moved to the eastern sea board. that's why we're seeing all the wet weather out there. we'll continue with chances of showers and thunderstorms. looks like a little breyer for thursday and friday. we're watching temperatures in the mid 80s. talk about heat. we continue to roast in the middle of the country. drought and areas to get worse this morning. it still feels like the middle of summer out there on this tuesday. back to work and much of the.

    >> we'll be back live from charlotte coming up. yes, i'm gone to carolina in my mind humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at


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