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Video: Deadly bombing near NATO's Kabul headquarters

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    >>> and the taliban says it is behind a deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital. police say the bomber was a teenager. the blast killed several people, mostly afghan children. today's attack happened near the nato headquarters in kabul , close to both the u.s. and italian embassies. atia bowie is there live with the latest. let's get the latest, you sure hate hearing about the children being involved in this.

    >> reporter: hi, alex. it's another very depressing day here in kabul . six afghan civilians were killed when a suicide bomber went into a diplomatic area , as you mentioned, isaf headquarters and several foreign embassies including the u.s. embassy are located there. the taliban claimed responsibility saying their suicide bomber targeted a covert cia torture center. but i can tell you from the video that we saw, the pictures that we saw, there were children that were killed in that attack. they say they killed five cia agents but we saw the bodies of those children, children that are there selling trinkets. they've been there for several years. we've seen them all the time. they're just trying to support their family and now, today after years of being there, unfortunately those children are dead, including other afghan civilians. alex?

    >> it's heartbreaking. with regard to the suicide bomber , what, maybe 13, 14 years old, they're saying?

    >> reporter: that's what they say, but it's still not clear how the afghan police can identify exactly the able of the suicide bomber . i've seen the bodies of suicide bombers in the past, and their limbs go everywhere. you can't really tell the age of the bomber, but the afghan police say it's a teenager. the taliban say it's a 28-year-old from a province south of kabul . you can't really be sure in these situations.

    >> wow, you've sure seen a lot. let's talk about something a little more light hearted. unless you're prince harry who is doing something pretty serious. he did begin his deployment yesterd yesterday.

    >> reporter: he did. he just finished his first part of initial will training. he has about a ten-day training period before he goes out on these apache missions himself. he's a co-pilot, gunner for the helicopters where he's in charge of a lot of arsenal as he attacks the insurgency. he's basically going to be covering other missions to make sure that other, say, chinook helicopters, supplies coming into different areas are getting there safely. he's providing cover for them. right now he's in the initial period where he's training. he's looking forward to it. he's wanted to come back when he left in 2008 . back then his deployment was a secret. this time it was announced beforehand. it was blown by a tabloid and prince harry was forced to leave.

    >> thank you so much for the live report .


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