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Video: White House: Snub of Israel PM not true

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    >> story we're looking into. it's a diplomatic story. depending on who you're listening to, it's either a major difference of opinion between president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu or a scheduling conflict. what can you tell me?

    >> reporter: well, it's a little bit of both. look, the united nations general assembly , it comes into session. the opening session happens late they are month in new york and with both the president and netanyahu going to be in new york , the assumption was, at least on the israeli front, they would get a sit-down with the president. a lot going on with iran, things like that. apparently according to the white house there was a scheduling conflict. the israelis thought they were being snubbed by not getting a one-on-one meeting. the white house says we won't even be in new york the same day. they will both be there at different times, the president jumping right back on the campaign trail. that said, what did the president do last night, matt? he picked up the phone and he and netanyahu with a hundred-hour conversation, and according to the white house version of the events they agreed, hey, no invitation ever asked for by the israelis, none extended and therefore non-denied. let's be realistic here. the president and netanyahu have never had a great personal relationship. this is just one more piece of evidence.

    >> all right. chuck todd at the white house this morning. chuck, thank you very much.


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