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Waking up to the earth rolling and pitching at night comes as a surprise that shakes you out of bed. But now you don't have to take cover anywhere but in bed. A new quake-resistant emergency bed-shelter, called Wood Luck, from Shinko Industries, makes it possible to hide under the duvet safe and snug while seismic waves pound the building. At least that's the promise.

The idea of a safe bed is one that can save lives. Having safe buildings built to proper codes is better, but in many areas around the world, buildings and homes are not built to such standards and tenants for many reasons can't make improvements or fight for changes. In cases such as those, purchasing a safe bed may be a valuable investment and one that may have signifiant consequences for a family's safety.

In properly coded buildings, earthquakes can still shake items off shelves and make rushing for cover a daunting mission. So even in earthquake-prone cities with high standards that are enforced, having a safe bed would be a comfort and could reduce injuries.

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Shinko Industries says the bed can withstand 65 tons of rubble on top of it. That's the equivalent to the weight of two train cars, or the industrial Cat digger that may be used to dig Wood Luck owners out of collapsed buildings. Long-reach diggers can remove about 3 tons of material with each scoop. Thankfully, the beds also have a convenient storage space for emergency supplies.

Wood Luck is built from cypress. The U.S. Forest Service reports that cypress (Taxodium distichum) wood is "moderately heavy, moderately strong, and moderately hard." The wood, most of which today is second-growth, is typically used in interior woodwork and paneling.

The only drawback to the bed is the cost, which at about $6,000 is more than most families needing shelter beds can afford. For this excellent idea to take off and become practical, a lower cost is essential.

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