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NASA's next big mission? We'll see in 2015

NASA plans to wait until 2015 to lay out a proposal for its next big astrophysics mission, which could take the form of a single large spacecraft or a series of smaller craft performing related studies, a senior agency official said July 30.Full story

Space telescope needs 'big science' support

NASA's newest space telescope project has stayed alive despite a ballooning price tag that now stands at $8.8 billion. But whether or not the James Webb Space Telescope survives into the future may depend upon how well it can maintain the broad political support that helped past "big science" projec Full story

Keeping NASA's Next Space Telescope Under Control: Q&A with Scott Willoughby

NASA's next generation James Webb Space Telescope is an ambitious infrared observatory that is expected to yield exciting results about the universe, but in recent years, the project's swelling budget has been a major hurdle. Full story

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Scientists Fight for Controversial James Webb Space Telescope

Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy Yet Seen

NASA's Next Big Space Telescope to Cost an Extra $1.5 Billion

NASA's next space scope to cost $1.5B extra

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JWST and Capitol
JWST and Capitol

The U.S. Capitol looms in the background as a full-scale mockup of the James Webb Space Telescope goes on display in Washington in 2007.