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Like a captive blot gun, Mozilla's latest version of Firefox was pulled back in just one day after its launch earlier this week. Today, the software company released Firefox 16.0.1 as the newest and most secure Firefox browser.

The newest version fixes several crucial flaws that exist in Firefox 15 and addresses the serious concern that prompted Mozilla's unusual move to make Firefox 16 unavailable as they built a security patch.

Mozilla released Firefox 16 on Monday, officially launched it on Tuesday and took it down again on Wednesday. The browser maker pulled the Firefox 16 install from their download page upon reports of gaping security hole that left users vulnerable to the Blackhole Exploit kit, the most prevalent piece of malware today.

On its security blog, Mozilla gently suggested to users that had upgraded to Firefox 16 to revert to the next latest version, Firefox 15, which was not affected by the flaw.

Independent security researcher Gareth Heyes disclosed the flaw and published his proof-of-concept on his blog. The vulnerability left users' browsing data unprotected.

Firefox 16.0.1 is available for download here.

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