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Nearest Alien Planet Gets New Name: 'Albertus Alauda'

The closest known alien planet beyond our solar system has a new unofficial name: Albertus Alauda. Full story

Controversy Over Planet-Naming Contest Heats Up

The company behind an exoplanet-naming contest says it's fighting to restore its business and its reputation in the wake of some disapproving words from the International Astronomical Union. Full story

Private Company Aims for Manned Moon Missions by 2020

A new private venture aims to sell manned trips to the moon by 2020, its founders announced today (Dec. 6). Full story

Pluto's moons pose risk for spacecraft

The moons of Pluto, and a potential set of rings, may create dangerous debris zones for a NASA spacecraft currently speeding toward the distant world, researchers say. Full story

Uwingu space startup set to unveil 1st product

A new startup company called Uwingu, which aims to offer an alternative funding source for space projects, is gearing up to launch its first product soon. Full story

Helium in moon's atmosphere confirmed

A NASA spacecraft has detected helium in the moon's tenuous atmosphere, confirming observations made four decades ago on the lunar surface. Full story

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New start-up aims to fill funding gap for space projects

Suborbital Space Ready to Take Flight, Experts Say

Spacecraft in home stretch of trek to Pluto

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Alan Stern
Alan Stern

Planetary scientist Alan Stern has been training for spaceflight on a suborbital space vehicle for research purposes.