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Google has expanded its test of showing Gmail messages in Google search results. It has now added the ability to search Drive files — your Google docs, spreadsheets, presentations and calendar items.

The idea is to make a one-stop search — public information and private files — available to logged-in users. But don't panic: when you search from a Google search box, your emails and Drive files are only visible to you .

Here's how it works:

In Gmail, as you begin to type into the search box, you'll instantly start seeing relevant emails from Gmail as well as results from Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Likewise, when you  search on , you will see standard Google search results, along with messages from Gmail, calendar items and documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Google Drive that relate to your search. These new results will appear on the right side of your screen, apart from Google search listings.

This is a Google test, so if you'd like to try it, visit Google's  field trial page  and select "Join the field trial. You must have a Gmail address, and the trial is available in English only.

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