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Lynx sending 4 players to WNBA All-Star game

NEW YORK (AP) For the second straight All-Star game, the Minnesota Lynx will be well represented. Lindsay Whalen and Rebekkah Brunson joined starters Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus on Tuesday to give the Lynx four players on the Western Conference All-Star team. "Yeah, there's ... Full story

Climate Change Could Wipe Out Iberian Lynx

Climate change could ensure the wipe out of the Iberian Lynx, considered the world's most endangered cat, new research from Spain suggests. Full story

Judge stops 3 Montana logging projects over lynx

A federal judge this week blocked three Montana logging projects in two national forests, saying the U.S. government did not properly examine the effects the projects might have on lynx and the threatened animal's habitat. Full story

Lynx on the loose in Lithuania

   Residents in Lithuania stayed indoors and waited for animal control to capture a lynx discovered roaming their neighborhood.'s Dara Brown reports.

Exotic Cat Prowled British Countryside a Century Ago

An exotic cat that prowled the British countryside a century ago was a non-native lynx from Canada, a new study finds. Full story

Embryos of World's Most Endangered Cat Preserved for 1st Time

It seems counterintuitive that castration could help save a species facing extinction. But through removing the ovaries of a female Iberian lynx, scientists say they were able to collect and preserve embryos from the world's most endangered wild cat for the first time. Full story

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Porn star hopes to be launched into space

Ask Buzz Aldrin how you can fly into space

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