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If you are watching only the TV during presidential debates or elections, you are at best getting only half the story. "Binders full of women" — a phrase you might have not even notice, blew up into a comical meme within minutes.

And on a more serious note, fact-checking organizations were able to call the candidates' bluffs within minutes of them fudging the truth. Hitting the trending topics list on your Twitter home page is a good way to see what's being talked about. But in addition, Twitter is launching a site tomorrow (Nov. 6), called #Election2012, that will aggregate tweets from some prominent sources, including the candidates and their staffers, media and other "key players," as Twitter calls them.

It could be a good place to start, especially if you are a Twitter novice. But also hit the trending topics. Entertaining  memes  like "binders full of women" don't typically come from campaign staffs or professional "commentators."

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