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Most New Yorkers will probably spend election night checking the Internet or their TVs, but CNN is offering a third way of tracking voting results. The cable news station is going to light the top of the Empire State Building with bar graphs showing, in real time, electoral votes for President Barack Obama (blue) and Gov. Mitt Romney (red).

The graphs will appear on newly installed LED panels on the  Empire State Building  that can show moving scenes and 16 million different colors. 

Tonight's (Nov. 6) election results display are the first use of the building's new lights. The lower part of the building will feature red, white and blue stripes. The "bar graph" will appear on top of that. Once it's clear who will be the U.S.' next president, the lights will change to all red or all blue. 

Before Massachusetts-based Phillips Color Kinetics installed the new LEDs  for the Empire State Building, the historical skyscraper could display only 10 colors. And every change required workers to replace colored gels placed over each of the tower's 400 white lights. Now, staff will be able to design patterns automatically using computers. 

The new lights should be more energy efficient than the old ones,  Phillips says. The lights were part of a larger renovation this year meant to reduce the building's energy use by 20 percent. 

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