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Global Warming Worsened Australia's Record Hot Summer

Human-caused global warming played a role in making this past summer Australia's hottest on record, a new study suggests. Full story

Sea Lion Strandings Climb, Scientists Still Stumped

Scientists still don't know why nearly 1,300 sickly sea lions have beached themselves on the shores of southern California since the beginning of the year. However, they think some weird oceanic phenomenon may be blocking off the sea lion pups' source of food, scientists reported today (April 17). Full story

Few El Niño problems in N. Hemisphere forecast into summer: CPC

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. national weather forecaster reiterated on Thursday its forecast that the much-feared El Niño phenomenon is unlikely to affect the Northern Hemisphere weather into the summer months. Full story

What the Next 3 Months Will Look Like, Climate-Wise

Temperatures are expected to be about average for the next three months for most of the United States, scientists with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported in a teleconference today (Jan. 17). However, there's about a 33 percent chance of warmer-than-average temp Full story

This Winter's Weather: What's to Come

With monster storms repeatedly battering the East Coast, extreme drought still lingering over much of the country and the holidays just around the corner, many weather-watchers are wondering what Mother Nature will bring in the coming months. Full story

Why El Niño May Say 'Adios' to 2012

Adios, El Niño. Forecasters have called off predictions for a wet winter in the West, finally acceding that ocean temperatures in the Pacific show no signs of the infamous El Niño phenomenon. Full story

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