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In the 1949 comedy film "Whisky Galore," the residents of a thirsty Scottish island find their prayers answered when a ship full of Scotch wrecks on their shores.

It was "money galore" this past Saturday (Nov. 17) for hundreds of fellow Scots as a malfunctioning ATM in Glasgow dispensed twice the amount of cash customers asked for, but subtracted only the requested amount from their accounts, the Scottish Daily Record reported.

Hundreds of people formed a long line at the Bank of Scotland branch at about 10 a.m. local time after word of the balky cash machine spread via Twitter. It went on until police showed up, putting a stop to the parade of thieves around 1 p.m.

The bank remotely turned off the ATM after police alerted the bank to the glitch, but admitted that opportunistic thieves who withdrew money from accounts at other banks likely wouldn't be caught or have their account balances adjusted.

"It will be difficult to trace the cash, because not everyone who used the machine will be our customers," the bank said, according to the Daily Record. "It's unlikely that any further action will be taken."

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