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House Speaker John Boehner flips his lid over Obamacare yet again. We'll have reaction and analysis at 8pET on MSNBC!

House Speaker John Boehner is flipping his lid over Obamacare yet again. He has no leverage, but now he wants the Affordable Care Act on the table in fiscal cliff negotiations.

Tonight, Ed welcomes Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) to respond.

Then, the people fight back after corporate leaders get political about Obamacare.

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation, and Ruth Conniff, Political Editor of The Progressive Magazine, join Ed for that.

Sen. Lindsay Graham responds to criticism of his attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, but Republicans still have some explaining to do. Democratic Strategist and former “Apprentice” contestant Tara Dowdell and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum are in the house for reaction and analysis.

Ohio’s secretary of state is hatching a new scheme to rig future elections for Republicans. The one and only state Sen. Nina Turner (D-OH) will respond.

One of the greatest college football coaches in history is retiring. Ed will tell us why his unconventional coaching style helped him win big.

And in the BIG Finish, political comedian Baratunde Thurston has some useful tips on how to talk to your right-wing friends and relatives at Thanksgiving!

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