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updated 12/3/2012 6:22:28 PM ET 2012-12-03T23:22:28

Yahoo's Top Searches of 2012 list shows Americans may have been more interested in politics than Kim Kardashian--but not by much.

The Yahoo Top Searches of 2012 list left politicos like Steve Kornacki feeling “humbled and proud as an American” when he saw that the 2012 election was in the #1 spot. Of course, that feeling faded once “The Gummy Bear Song” came in at #10.

Clearly there was a wide range of things that caught Americans attention this year. But Yahoo Web Life Editor Heather Cabot told The Cycle hosts that it was “unusual for a news story” to top the list and that, in fact, it was only the third time in the twelve years that the Internet site has created the list that a news story found itself at the top.

The Top Searches list also showed that women were more searched for than men. Cabot attributes this to the fact that not only was this “the year of the woman” in the Olympics, but in politics as well. “As far as women in general, women’s issues were really important this year to a lot of people and I think that we’re on the radar, which is good.”

So take a break from searching the latest news on the #royalbaby announcement, and check out the memes, songs, celebs, and stories that made the Yahoo list for 2012.


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