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The owner of the infamous but now defunct "revenge porn" site has just become hacktivist group Anonymous' latest target.

The threat comes on the heels of Hunter Moore's announcement of a new site,,  which he said would also publish private persons' home addresses, according to New York-based tech blog Betabeat.

"We're going to introduce the mapping stuff so people are going to be able to stalk or do whatever they want to do," Moore told Betabeat. "It's going to be extremely scary."

Moore later told Salon that his location-finding function will actually be more limited than originally reported, but added that it still goes a step further than IsAnyoneUp ever did.

That's something that Anonymous apparently cannot abide.

Anonymous member KY Anonymous, who began the movement against Moore, told Betabeat that " #OpHuntHunter " began because sites like Moore's "destroy unsuspecting people's lives, social lives and work lives and take advantage of some kind of bond of trust they once entered with the person who submitted the photo."

KY Anonymous said "hundreds, if not thousands" had joined the operation.

But as of this writing Moore's website, which isn't much more than a splash page at this point, remains up and running.

Still, many messages of support for #OpHuntHunter can be seen on Twitter.

"Hunter Moore you now have a target on your back," tweeted @EndRevengePorn.

"Support and spread awareness," tweeted @SianLynetteRees.

Although Moore sold the IsAnyoneUp domain to an anti-bullying organization — it now redirects to a long anti-Moore rant on — his renewed effort has earned him the attention and disgust of the same loose-knit group of hackers who outed the man behind the YouTube handle kody1206 as the individual who allegedly tormented Canadian suicide victim Amanda Todd.

Todd, a 15-year-old from the Vancouver suburbs, killed herself after kody1206 allegedly sent a photo of her exposing her breasts to her friends and family in retaliation for her refusal to perform further sexual acts via webcam.

Moore is no stranger to trolls, though. His personal information, including his address, has been made public before.

Bbut KY Anonymous argues that Moore's personal data is worth updating and compiling to make it easy to "write letters, pay a visit (a taste of his own medicine) call, say 'Hi' to Mom and Dad, and even serve subpoenas."

Betabeat pointed out that Anonymous is going after Moore for doing many of the things Anonymous does itself, such the publication of stolen personal and identifiable information, also known as "doxing."

Ky Anonymous pushed back.

"Hunter Moore is enabling the sickos of the world to stalk and possibly rape, maim, or kill these people via tracking systems like GPS, Google Maps," he said. "We don't tolerate invasions of personal privacy to victimize someone."

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