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The comedian poked fun of the outgoing Democratic congressman, who appeared to be shutting his eyes during the interview.

Late Show host David Letterman had some advice for Rep. Barney Frank, who appeared on Hardball for an interview earlier this week: Open your eyes!

The comedian poked fun of the outgoing Democratic congressman, who appeared to be shutting his eyes during part of the interview.

“We see Barney Frank on Hardball,” said Letterman before playing an interview clip. ”He is speechifying to a question. He answers with his eyes closed. When will they open? For the love of God, blink! Or maybe he’s put himself to sleep like the rest of us.”

Host Chris Matthews, who played the Late Show clip on Thursday’s show, called Frank a “great congressman and a great guest –even with his eyes closed.”

Check  it out for yourself in the video below.

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