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Got a stylish geek on your holiday gift list? New lines of laptop bags recharge your gadgets on the go. Plus, some are eco-friendly and come in pretty new colors. A win-win-win (except for the price tags).

Urban Junket sells this women's bag, reviewed by Wired's GeekMom, for up to $275. They're made from recycled plastic bottles, and feature a battery that powers your device through a USB port. The battery has enough juice to power your smart phone about twice. It won't, however, charge your laptop.

Ful's Powerbag works similarly, and sells for about $140 for either a messenger bag or a backpack. CNN reviewed the manlier style favorably.

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If you must have your laptop on your next backpacking trip, or if you'd rather be green than stylish, this backpack by Voltaic uses a sewn-in solar module to fuel two power ports that can charge a variety of devices, including laptops. The packs start at about $149.

For something slightly more discrete, consider the Everpurse, a Kickstarter project by 27-year-old Chicago entrepreneur Liz Ormesher Salcedo. It's also the simplest to use: Juice up the clutch by putting it on a charging pad, and toss your phone in when it's running low.

"We want to make sure that everybody has access to the technology wherever they are," Salcedo told the New York Daily News. "Whatever bag they're buying, whatever their style is."

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