Pedro Garcia, delivered by Caesarean section in the Mexican town of Santa Catalina, was born the size of a three-month old infant.
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updated 5/20/2004 11:29:10 AM ET 2004-05-20T15:29:10

A very unusual baby was born in in Mexico this week. Blanca Rosa de Leon Garcia gave birth to a bouncing boy that weighs more than 13 pounds, about the size of a three-month-old infant.

The head of Mexico's National Institute of Health says the newborn's size is "exceptionally rare." Only about about 1 in 40,000 babies are that big at birth, he estimated.

Salvador Garcia, the baby's father, said the family is "very happy."

“We didn’t expect this though, now we have to buy bigger clothing because what we have is not going to fit," he said.

Pedro Garcia was delivered by Caesarean section.

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