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NBC: Normandy village honors heroes
Hemevez remembers American paratroopers 
Deception: The other 'D' in D-Day
An intricate plan of disinformation was central to the Allies' success at Normandy
More than just a battle
Remembering the sacrifices that safeguarded western civilization
Holt talks with D-Day titans' ancestors
Grandchildren of titans speak with Lester Holt about their grandparents' impact on the world
NBC: Pyle — original war correspondent
Brought home the tragedy of D-Day and the rest of WWII
Schroeder defends participation in events
Schroeder says D-Day led to liberation of Germans from Nazis
Bush on fence-mending mission
President hopes to rekindle sense of common cause with European allies
NBC: High alert ahead of D-Day celebrations
France on red alert ahead of visit by Bush, other heads of state
Moran: The France born on D-Day
Grateful and humiliated, resentful and proud to this day
Chirac gives a ride to stranded veteran
French president flies New Zealander from Normandy to Paris
Bush, ‘I was never angry with the French'
Slow thaw in U.S., France relations
Veterans dismiss comparisons with Iraq
GIs from Normandy invasion note difference draft made to military
‘Plotter’ remembers role on historic day
Briton watched from 100 feet below soil
NBC: Uncommon hero for two nations
GI joined invasion, was captured, escaped and fought with Soviets
D-Day movies were late arrivals
Hollywood didn't truly tackle the subject until ‘The Longest Day’
Letters capture experience of invasion
A nephew learns about the dreams, ambitions and sorrows of an uncle who died months after storming the beaches at Normandy
Remembering through voices of veterans
New book, 'Voices of Valor,' by Douglas Brinkley and Ronald Drez pays tribute to the soldiers who fought in Normandy
War reporters push tech limits
From telegraph to videophone, journalists at the front have always relied on latest gadgets

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  Images of D-Day
From air drops to beach landings, see the massive movement of troops and equipment in Operation Overlord.

  World War II Memorial
Click "Launch" to see images from the newly opened World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

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