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'The Walking Dead' finale: Most memorable scenes

"The Walking Dead's" third-season finale delivered plenty of shockers to keep us talking until the zombie apocalypse hit returns in October.The biggest surprise? Probably that the Governor survived after gunning down most of the Woodbury forces. Or how about Carl's coldblooded  … Full story

Space Rock or Last Pope? What's Next for Doomsday

Y2K? A bust. Judgment Day 2011? As quiet as a mouse. The Mayan apocalypse? Certainly not now. Full story

Mayan apocalypse failure bad news for believers

You might expect the world not ending to be a cause for celebration. But for believers in doomsdays like Friday's supposed Mayan apocalypse, the continued existence of the planet can be quite traumatic. Full story

Media circus overruns French 'doomsday' village of Bugarach

   In advance of the Dec. 21 supposed Mayan apocalypse, rumor-mongers spread the word that a peak near Bugarch, a picturesque village in the French Pyrenees, would be the only place on Earth to escape destruction. When authorities announced they were calling in police and paramilitaries to prevent cult

Mayan What? Apocalypse 2012 Quiet So Far

With rumors of a Mayan apocalypse making the rounds online and at the water cooler, when do we know the world is out of danger from the various astronomical and other cataclysms claimed by some to spell doom? Full story

Mass Hysteria? Strange Mayan Apocalypse Freakouts

Despite a flood of debunking from news agencies and NASA, belief in the upcoming Mayan apocalypse is apparently still going strong. Full story

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Apocalypse arias

5 Maya apocalypse myths debunked

How to Explain Mayan Doomsday to Your Kids

Serbian mountain draws 'Doomsday' crowd

One month until Mayan 'apocalypse'

It's All Over: Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

2 months to live? Mayan apocalypse set for Dec. 21

Why doomsday fears will never die

'Doomsday Preppers' are ready for anything


  Wine cellar offers hideout from apocalypse

A Ukrainian wine producer is offering guests the chance to stay in its cellars should the apocalypse happen on December 21.'s Alex Witt reports.

  End of the world? Head to France

A mountain village in the French Pyrenees is expecting believers of the apocalypse to flock there for safety before December 21, the Mayan calendar's prediction for the end of the world.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Exclusive: Pair preps for zombies in 'Apocalypse'

TLC's new special, "Livin' for the Apocalypse," follows families as they prepare for the end of the world. Check out this sneak peek.

  First Word: August 25, 2011

Signs of the apocalypse in Washington this week: An earthquake, a hurricane...and Dick Cheney on a publicity tour.

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Survival pods dubbed 'Noah's Arc' by their creator, farmer Liu Qiyuan, stand in a yard at his home in the village of Qiantun, Hebei province, south of Beijing on Dec. 11.


Farmer Liu Qiyuan secures a hatch inside a survival pod on Dec. 11.