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  New guidelines have Asperger’s families worried

‘Morning’ Joe reflects on raising son with Asperger’s

  During a panel discussion with author Ron Fournier about raising children with Asperger’s syndrome, Joe Scarborough shares anecdotes and observations about his own parenting of a child with Asperger’s.

Ron Fournier on raising a son with Asperger's: He's got 30 IQ points on me

  The National Journal's Ron Fournier recently wrote about his son Tyler's Asperger syndrome, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss how he learned his son had Asperger's and what his son has taught him over the years. Joe Scarborough, who also has a child with Asperger's, shares experiences he's had wit

Asperger’s removed from psych diagnostic manual

  The American Psychiatric Association announced a  revision to their diagnostic manual after almost two decades of consideration. TODAY contributor Dr. Gail Saltz discusses the changes, which include new guidelines for treating binge eaters and hoarders and a the removal of Asperger’s as a diagnosis.

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