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  Rossen: Did police miss signs of missing girls?

Sec. Clinton returns to work

  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to work Monday after receiving treatment for a concussion and a blood clot. Her staff had a few welcome back gifts for her. Rev. Al Sharpton explains.

Hillary Clinton already working from home

  The secretary of state, who left New York-Presbyterian hospital Wednesday after being treated for a blood clot is reportedly ready to get back into the swing of things and planning to come to the office next week. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

How dangerous is Clinton’s condition?

  After being discharged from a New York hospital on Wednesday – where doctors treated her for a blood clot in her head discovering during an MRI last Sunday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is recovering at home. NBC’s Bob Bazell talks about her condition.

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  Secretary Clinton's blood clot confusion and privacy

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton currently has a blood clot in her skull, which is is being treated by doctors with blood thinners. NBC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman joins Morning Joe to discuss Secy. Clinton's condition and why it's unusual but necessary for doctor's to use blood

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