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Razer, a company usually known for producing high-quality PC goods like keyboards and mice, also dabbles in game controller design quite a bit. Its previously released Tournament Onza peripheral for Xbox 360 became a best-selling success, not only because of its comfortable feel, but also due to its customization switches built in on the back, enabling various set-ups for button function.

But the Onza was a small step forward compared to the leap that is the Sabertooth, which is now for sale on the company's websitefor $80. The new controller is ruggedly built with a number of features for dedicated gamers, whether they're racing to their heart's content in "Forza Horizon" or getting down and dirty in a first-person shooter like "Halo 4" or " Call of Duty: Black Opps".  

Along with the traditional analog sticks and buttons that come standard on Xbox 360 controllers these days (including the left and right shoulder and trigger buttons on top), the Sabertooth provides six additional buttons – including two extras on top and two removable rocking switches on the underside. These can be programmed for different functions, like switching weapons.

How they are programmed is the real game changer, as it were. The Sabertooth features a built-in OLED screen, right beneath the D-pad and right analog stick. Using the display and an adjacent button, players can change up programmed customization profiles, re-map buttons to their liking, and even adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks, should they want a smoother movement for their in-game character. Smaller features can also be adjusted, like the lighting on the controller and the amount of rumble you feel within the game.

The Sabertooth has the same non-slip rubberized build as the Onza, making it durable and comfortable for long play sessions. It also features the same screw-in cable, so you don't have to worry about disconnections during heated matches. The 10-foot long cable makes it easy to get around a room, and you can store it away in a carrying case. [See also: Best Fighting Game Controller: MadCatz Arcade FightStick Vs. ]

We'll stop by Razer's booth at CES this week to get a closer look and follow-up with a hands-on report.  

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