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Years ago, agent 86 Maxwell Smart wore a shoe that doubled as a telephone. Now a company called Dexim has an iPhone stylus that doubles as a Bluetooth headset.

Apple has not (yet) embraced the stylus for tapping and writing on its touchscreen devices the way Samsung has with its Galaxy Note phones and tablets. But many accessory companies are providing styli for people who want better ability to hit those little buttons or to draw a finer line than their fingers can.

China-based Dexim is one of those companies, but with a twist. Its Music Talking Stylus is equipped with Bluetooth, a microphone, a speaker and a stereo jack. Doodling on the bus while suddenly your iPhone rings? Just hold the stylus-cum-headset up to your face like an old-fashioned telephone receiver. What Dexim did not make clear, however, is how this is any easier than simply holding up the iPhone itself. [See also: Best In-Ear Headphones: Bowers ]

Likewise, if you don't want to plug your stereo headset right into the iPhone you can plug it into the stylus, which, we suppose, you could put in your pocket - just like you could simply pit the iPhone itself in your pocket. (Stereo headset is not included, but any standard model will work.)

Dexim's idea of putting a headset in a stylus is no sillier than putting one in a wool glove, as Italian company hi-Fun has done - and gained a fair amount of adherents buying it as a gag over the holidays. True, the stylus will do nothing to keep your hand warm. But on the flip side, it would be more comfortable to use on a hot summer day.

The Music Talking Stylus will go on sale in the United States in March for about $80.

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