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The Mozilla Foundation has upgraded the Firefox Web browser to version 18, adding support for Apple Retina Display, a faster JavaScript engine and, of course, crucial security updates.

The security updates revoke the certificates of authentication issued by a Turkish company that were recently found to have been compromised.

They also patch vulnerabilities in the way Firefox handled JavaScript and browser plug-ins, both of which could have allowed an attacker to hijack the user's computer.

The JavaScript engine allows for faster translation of website-based applet commands into language the computer can understand. It's all terribly complicated, but if you want to know more, Mozilla developer David Anderson has a detailed explanation on the official Mozilla blog.

More immediately user-friendly is built-in support for the newest line of MacBook Pro laptops with Retina Display, or "HiDPI," a very high screen resolution that Apple says shrinks pixels down to a size at which humans can no longer see them. ("DPI" is an old printing term for "dots per inch.")

"If you are a Retina-owning Firefox user, upgrade to Firefox 18 now for the HiDPI text rendering alone," wrote the uncharacteristically exuberant Paul Ducklin on Sophos' Naked Security blog. "It really is groovy."

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