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Samsung's latest TVs offer tough choices: get more pixels with an Ultra HD set, or pick the more-vivid colors of the company's OLED models.

Or, if you're a family that really can't make a decision, try Samsung's Multi-View. Found in Samsung's new 55-inch, F9500 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television, Multi-View attempts to end arguments about what to watch by showing two programs at the same time.

Multi-View uses 3D glasses to let one person watch one show while another person sees another, all from the same set. The 3D glasses include built-in personal speakers, too.

OLED televisions promise richer black, more-pure whites, and more-vivid colors, overall. Unlike tradition LCDs, OLEDs don't need a backlight to produce a picture; each element in the screen produces its own light. The F9500 will be the first set the company produces that uses the technology. Rival company LG also announced an OLED TV at CES this week.

For those in search of more detail instead of deeper colors, Samsung's 85-inch UN85S9 boasts 3,840 by 2,160 pixels (called Ultra HD), nearly quadruple the current 1080p HD resolution. The unit also promises better sound through built-in speakers with 2.2-channels, which improve on the weak sound that so many current HDTVs offer.

Ultra HD looks to become the standard for the new 4K-resolution video in development. While several manufacturers now make Ultra HD sets available, the production of 4K video content lags. So there's not much you can watch to take advantage of the extra detail.

Both the UN85S9 and the F9500 include Samsung's new Smart Hub onscreen display, which groups content into live TV, movies and shows, photos and music, social, and apps to make it easier to find content on your Internet-connected TV.

Samsung didn't provide dates or prices for either model.

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