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LAS VEGAS — A brilliant app that instantly solves handwritten equations was the overwhelming winner at today's (Jan. 10) Mobile App Showdown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Ten developers had four minutes each to win over the packed house at this afternoon's event. While some relied on celebrity look-alikes such as Jay Leno and Elvis, the French pair from Vision Objects needed no gimmicks to wow the audience with MyScript Calculator.

Beginning with simple addition and progressing through complex equations, MyScript Calculator solved them all with equal speed. You can use your finger or a stylus to write a problem, even using a question mark for an unknown, and the app instantly transforms your writing into print and provides the correct answer. You can write in additional calculations as you go or erase and start over.

After the winner was determined by an applause meter, TechNewsDaily joined Giovanni Rodriguez from Vision Objects onstage to see an up-close demonstration of the app.

Our take? It makes keyboard calculators obsolete. MyScript Calculator is available in the App Store and in Google Play for free.

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