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Small plane crashes into house in central Indiana

A small plane crashed into a house and ignited a fire in central Indiana early Thursday, injuring two men on board the aircraft but leaving a woman inside the home unscathed, authorities said.Full story

Two small planes collide in midair in Arizona, four dead

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Two small planes from Phoenix-area flight schools collided in midair and crashed in the Arizona desert north of the city on Friday, killing all four people aboard, authorities said. Full story

Small plane collision kills pilot

  The FAA and the NTSB are investigating a mid-air collision of two small planes Monday afternoon just north of Los Angeles that resulted in the death of one pilot and a small brush fire. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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Three killed in small plane crash in Florida


  Man films own plane crash, wife and baby on board

Jonathan Fielding was taking his wife for her first flight ever in a small plane over snowy Utah with their 7-month-old son on board when, at nearly 9,000 feet, the pilot announced that the engine had frozen over and they’d need to make an emergency landing. They found a flat field and took their ch

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