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Hardball’s Chris Matthews said on Friday that the interview will fuel more rumors that Clinton’s running for president in 2016, especially after her “smash hit” testifying about Benghazi earlier this week. But what about Biden?

Sorry, Joe.

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama will sit down together for a joint interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday.

Notably, it’s the first interview the president has ever done on U.S. television with anyone besides his wife.

Hardball’s Chris Matthews said on Friday that the interview will fuel more rumors that Clinton’s running for president in 2016, especially after her “smash hit” testifying on Benghazi earlier this week.

“As Secretary Clinton transitions from public service to private life, anything she does will be studied for clues to her future and a potential presidential run. A joint appearance with the president can only add to the speculation,” he said.

So is the interview a thank you for Clinton’s service, or an investment for Obama?

Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania governor and MSNBC political analyst, told Matthews it was both, noting Clinton has a favorability rating that’s 20 points higher than the president.

“She might be helping him a little bit too, reminding people, I think, that the best single decision President Obama made was appointing his rival to be secretary of state. The relationship they forged is a great relationship…Is it a tribute to Hillary that he’s doing this? Of course it is. Does it mean necessarily that if Hillary decides to run for president that President Obama will be for her? No.”

Rendell added Obama also owes Vice President Joe Biden–who is rumored to be considering a presidential run in 2016—a “debt of gratitude.” But he surmised at the end of the day Obama might step in and convince Biden not to run should Clinton decide to throw her hat into the ring.

Obama might say, “Look, you can’t stand in the way of history. This is history, it’s a tidal wave. You’ve done a great job. But this is not something you should get involved in.”

Marjorie Margolies, a former member of Congress from Pennsylvania and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said Obama and Clinton’s relationship from the beginning has been “extremely special.”

“I think [the interview] is a wonderful chance for both of them,” added Margolies, whose son, Marc is married to Chelsea Clinton.

Margolies said she thinks it’s still too early to know if Clinton will run for president.

“I honestly do not know whether she thinks the answer is yes…I think she needs to rest, get her mojo back, and I don’t think she’s going to be bored,” she said.

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    >>> of state hillary clinton will cap off a remarkable week with perhaps an even more remarkable event. a joint sit down interview on 60 minutes this sunday with president obama . as secretary clinton transitions from public life to private life , anything she does will be studied for blues to her future and a potential presidential run. a joint appearance with the president can only add to the speculation. ed rendell is former goff of pennsylvania and msnbc analyst and marjorie margot lis is a professor at the university of pennsylvania . she's also -- her son, by the way, mark, is married to chelsea clinton . i don't know which one of you knows more about the clintons. i'm going to take a guess and go to marjorie . professor, don't laugh. i'm trying to figure this out. i thought secretary clinton was a smash hit this week and she was lucky --

    >> she was magnificent.

    >> the jackals made her look even better. they may have gotten her passions up once or twice but didn't hurt her a bit. my sense is this, what do you make of the relationship between the president personified or pictured by the fact that i have never heard of a president of the united states sharing time on " 60 minutes " going on with another person as a colleague. that's a hell of a statement of almost peerage, of equality. your thoughts of what it means politically?

    >> i just think she's remarkable, and i think this relationship has been extremely special. she was able in the beginning to accept a post that was perfect for her, perfect. i've been with her in places where implicit in what you said, she just knows how to deal with people. i think this is a wonderful chance for both of them. it's what we should be all about. it's what he says this is what america is all about. she is -- i mean, i was there in congress when she appeared before the energy and commerce , when she was presenting health care , when she was talking about health care , and we left the chambers and the other side, the republicans, were saying, whoa, she's fantastic. she's a debater, a humanitarian, she's amazing. and i think this is exactly the perfect capper for both of them.

    >> what's the president's investment in her now, governor? right now he's making an investment in her by showing up with her on 60 quince, is it a thank you or an investment?

    >> i think it's a little of both. hillary has a favorable rating that's 20 points higher than the president's. she might be helping him a little bit, too, reminding people of i think the best single decision president obama made was appointing his rival to be secretary of state and the relationship they forged is a great relationship that really has opened the eyes of many around the country. so is it at tribute to hillary that he's doing this? of course it is. does it mean necessarily that if hillary decides to run for president, that president obama will be for her? no. president obama also feels a terrific debt of gratitude towards vice president biden, but i think in the end the president might play the role of talking to the vice president and saying, look, you can't stand in the way of history. this is history. it's a tidal wave . you have done a great job, but this is not something you should get involved in because it's pretty hard to beat back history.

    >> i think you're right. i think everything you said is right but the timing is so tricky here. at some point joe biden has to get the heads up hillary is running and make his moves accordingly. he can't put an exploratory committee together and start talking to heavyweights if he doesn't know what the situation is. if he doesn't think she's going to run, he should go ahead. doesn't he have to get a heads up within the next six months or so so you can get out of this game if it's not his to win? last thought on that?

    >> and i think the person who might broker that, chris, is the president of the united states who i think does care about what the future holds and cares about a democrat succeeding him. he's in the best position to broker that. if hillary doesn'ter doesn't run, joe is the odds on favorite.

    >> let's talk about her running and winning. it seems there's a new talk out there, chuck todd opened it up today, for a president to be truly transformational in the reagan model, although reagan did stay out of that fight twon dole and bush for his succession. you have to have three terms. you have to break serve. you have to get that tlird presidential win because that's what establishes the fact you've changed the direction of american politics . if this president wants to have three terms in a row won by his party, isn't he smart to go with hillary because you and i know and everybody knows people our age, women, are all going to vote for hillary . it's just going to be a smash and half the men will vote for her at least. that's a 75% win. i know we've never seen anything like that but i think it's possible. your thoughts.

    >> i have been surprised at how many people have come over to me, especially republicans, and said if hillary runs, i'm there, please tell her i'm there. i think it's too early though. i honestly do not know whether she is -- whether she thinks the answer is yes. you know, i tell her, i said listen to what they're saying out there, and she will say something like that i know that's what they're saying. i think she needs to get to rest, she needs to get her mojo back.

    >> you didn't think she had all that yesterday?

    >> i don't think she's going to be bored.

    >> come on, marjorie , i thought she had all she needed at that hearing the other day. the appearance was great. her appearance was great. her performance was strong, confident, charging, and wistful at times and, of course, passionate at times. when she was challenged on her honor or integrity, you have to whip back. if you don't think that was ready, i don't know what you're looking for. forcing you to say what i want you to say. go ahead.

    >> yeah, right. well, i'm not going to say it.

    >> do you want her to run?

    >> oh, listen, i think that she would -- by the way, i adore joe biden . i love joe biden . i think hillary would make a fabulous president. honestly, you know, colin powell said in one of his very first attempts to negotiate with the russians, he was sitting across the table saying i don't like these people i have been brought up to hate them, but hillary -- what hillary does so william is she brings humanity. i have been working with her a lot on women's issues around the world, and her understanding of the need to get women to the table and to protect children is so extraordinary. by the way, i think kerry will do a good job with it but nobody is going to come up to the ankles of hillary with regard to how much she cares about women and children around the world.

    >> i think kerry is going to be a hell of a secretary of state. i think he was bred for it. he grew up with it. governor rendell, it's always curious to watch you. i love this conversation. you know i get a kick out of this conversation anytime you're on because i know you. you're as in bed with the clintons as marjorie is. anyway, thank you both, mar jorie. technically. up next, the republicans in key battle ground states are trying to change the rules of the electoral college and rig the system so they can win without getting the most votes. of course, to republicans that's not the problem. the stnl is the problem. they'd remember just win the thing any way they can and that's ahead. this is "hardball," the place for politics.

    >> you know, ooirm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like tammy wynette . i'm stiting here because i love him and i respect him and i honor what he's been through and what we've been through together and if that's not enough for people, then, heck, don't


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