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Cowan will be in the Senate temporarily, while Markey, Lynch and Brown are the likely contenders for the special election.

Video: In Massachusetts, a favorite snubbed, no-name anointed, and a comeback story

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    >>> eight years ago i admit i had a slightly different plan to leave the senate. 60 million americans voted they wanted me to stay here with you. i learned about humility and i learned sometimes the greatest lesson comes not from victory, but dusting yourself off after a defeat and starting over when you get knocked down.

    >> after more than a quarter century of service, john kerry taking over as secretary of state friday when hillary clinton will sail into the sunset for now. that puts into motion another massachusetts special election on june 25th with a potentially heated primary in late april. more on the juicy details coming up. first duvall patrick needed to name an interim replacement and the former chief of staff, william mo cowan who will serve until that special election , months from now. only the second black senator ever from massachusetts .

    >> to the extent you asked whether having a black govern nor was a goal of mine, yeah. i guess it goes with the package if you know what i mean .

    >> i suspect that the reason i'm standing here is not because i'm an african-american, but as the governor indicated, he has confidence.

    >> it's time to talk massachusetts politics. to begin the speculation of who will be on the ballot and win these fun things.

    >> can you do it in an accent?

    >> no. if we are going talk politics, we should be joined by former governor michael dukakis . this is a first term governor.

    >> signed to frances.

    >> you have a $16,000 jewel or so.

    >> i have a $1.99 on ebay.

    >> he is living.

    >> the duke joins us. there is so much to talk about here. i will try to be quick. a couple of quick points. it first is on this appointment of cowan. to the national media story here, is patrick going to appoint barney frank . he was openly campaigning for the appointment. he knew he was probably not going to get the appointment. he tried to pressure patrick into it. i don't have a problem with what patrick did. his voting record for the income four or five will be the same as what the nominees will have. we will forget what it was for these few months. he will join him. i think the appointment said something good about the evolution of massachusetts and the evolution of culture and politics in massachusetts . i grew up in the state that massachusetts , you don't have to go back that far to talk about the bussing riots and refusing to integrate. bill russell , his life was hell because of the race in and around boston . i can remember as a kid, the celtics were the best team in basketball in the late 1980s . in roxbury, they were wearing lakers jersey. things have changed. when i was a kid, it was a few irish names . now you have got in 2006 duvall patrick from the southside of chicago who came to massachusetts and broke into this system and became the governor anywhere. it wouldn't have happened in massachusetts . this appointment today it's not because of his race, that was something part of the massachusetts political establishment and because somebody like that was able to climb up and become part of it. the culture is changing a bit.

    >> finally earning the reputation.

    >> i would be more excited about the two black senators, in the senate for the first time ever since reconstruction.

    >> i find it a lot more amazing.

    >> it's the first time. that's amazing.

    >> if they were elected. we had people electing, that would be more valuable. you scheduled a correct history of boston when you talk about the red sox and the bussing and the riots and these sorts of things. the progressive history of boston , you know that as well. the brooklyn dodgers of basketball and all black five, the first black player. the kennedy tradition. there was a progressive tradition and i look at the leaders of massachusetts right now. i am proud to have them and have senator warren be the senior senator of massachusetts and think about barney frank . i wish they went out on a high note , but proud to see him.

    >> progressive history that failed to elect women or black people until recently.

    >> that's it. there is really only three states.

    >> white democratic state that failed to elect blacks and women.

    >> only three states that ever elected an african-american governor.

    >> what was your contributions?

    >> i did something interesting. he tried to play that you are not from around here card and it didn't end up working out. i am disappointed it is not barney frank because even though this is for a short period of time, there is critical negotiations coming up that i think he would have been well-positioned to contribute to, but i am excited about the diversity. you were saying originally you thought scott brown and the right calculation for him would be to run for governor. do you think that's the case?

    >> is the right calculation, but it looks 99.9% certain. you can have this primer on the democratic side and the changing face of massachusetts politics. you will have a battle that embodies what the party now is. this liberal congressman. he will be challenged. an iron worker and south boston . back when this picture was taken, it was a big fault line. he starts out 30 points ahead of lynch. that's how much they are. they did that and brown did that.

    >> seems like a local show.

    >> so much more.

    >> so much fighting.

    >> they will win the nomination and if he wants to be the mayor of boston some day. scott brown is probably about 47 or 48%. it will be a fun few months. 40 segments on this.

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